Wiring Diagrams for Motorized Projects

Innovative Openings offers motorized window treatment and shading solutions for virtually every wiring scheme imaginable.  Let us know what kind of wiring that you have in place and we can recommend a solution.

Pre-wire for motorized shades

Wiring Diagrams:

Pre wire for 110 V AC Motor with hard-wired switch
Pre wire for 110 V AC Radio Motor
Pre wire for 110 V AC Motor home-run to home automation controls
Pre-wire for 110 V AC Intelligent Motors (PDF coming soon)
Pre-wire for 24 V DC Motors hardwired switch
Pre-wire for 24 V DC Radio Motors
Prewire for 24 V DC motors home-run to Home Automation controls
Pre-wire for 24 V DC Intelligent Motors (PDF coming soon)

For more technical details or wiring diagrams, please call technical sales service at 800-647-2325

Colorado’s largest selection motorized shade systems

We offer both 110 volt AC, 24 volt DC, and 12 V DC Battery motor systems for almost every wiring and control scenario. Here is a list of the motor types available:
motorized shade systems

  • 110 V AC Motor
  • 110 V AC Radio Motor
  • 110 V AC “Quiet” Motor
  • 110 V AC “Quiet” Radio Motor
  • 110 V AC Intelligent Motor
  • 110 V AC “Quiet” Intelligent Motor
  • 24 V DC Motor
  • 24 V DC ” Quiet” Radio Motor
  • 24 V DC “Quiet” Intelligent Motor
  • 12 V DC Radio Battery Motor

Innovative Openings offers complete measuring, detailing, and installation service across the Colorado front range and mountain resort areas, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Vail, & Aspen.

If you are thinking about motorized window treatments or outdoor shading solutions, let Innovative openings help you select the right motor for your application and budget.