Commercial Dual Roller Shades

Two roller shades in one product to maximize light control and privacy.

Paired Solar Shade and Blackout Shade for Commercial Applications

For rooms that serve dual purposes, Insolroll Dual Shades are designed to provide complete lighting control. One solar screen shade to manage glare, heat, and UV, and one Blackout Shade to provide room darkening. Dual Shades are the perfect solution for:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Schools and classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Home Theaters
  • Any room that requires the elimination of light through windows.


Motorized Dual Shades

In commercial settings, motorized operation provides the most convenient and trouble-free dual shade operation.
Motorized solar shades cafeteria

  • Can be installed in site-built pocket with Flap and Hanger
  • Prevents fabric over-handling in a commercial setting, preserving the appearance of the fabric for years to come
  • Allows integration with building automation systems for the most energy efficient operation and control scenarios including simple remotes and wall switches to scheduled operation and sun sensors.

Dual Shade Hardware to Cover the Roller

6" Valance System

  • The most versatile dual shade and valance combination on the market
  • Conceals both roller shades
  • 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" dual bracket works with Manual clutch shades, battery motor shades, and small AC and DC motor shades
  • Available in white, bronze, and clear anodized (silver)


Dual shade bracket with rollers exposed (clutch operator shown)

Dual shade bracket with 6" Valance


Fascia System

  • Allows use of  side tracks and sill channels to eliminate light leakage at sides and bottom of shade
  • Available in black, white, bronze, vanilla, and clear anodized (silver)


Built-In Dual Shades

  • Built into a cavity above the ceiling (pocket) that is part of the building construction
  • Roller is concealed above the ceiling
  • Shade retracts up and out of view above the ceiling
  • Flap & Hanger provides easy access


Dual Shade System with Solar Screen and Blackout Shades

Dual Shades for Commercial Audio-Visual Applications

Make the room dark when you need it, enjoy solar shades to block the sun but not the view when you don't. Create the perfect environment for any business or entertainment event.


Dual Shade Audio-Visual Hardware Accessories to Stop Light Leakage

Opaque fabric blocks light where the fabric covers the window, but a small amount of light will still enter the room at the sides and bottom of the shade. Insolroll Side Tracks and Sill Channels solve this problem. For rooms in which workers or students must take notes or follow along with printed materials, Side Tracks and Sill Channels are not recommended.

Side Track

The shade's fabric edges are captured in an aluminum side track with brushes to stop light leaks at the sides fo the shade.

Sill Channel

Insolroll's Sill Channel captures the hem bar of the blackout shade. Soft brush edges block any light that creeps in for the most effective light blocking.

Built-in Dual Shades in Commercial Settings

Insolroll Dual Shades can be mounted in a cavity above the ceiling, or pocket, built at the time of construction. An Access Flap and Hanger allows easy access to the rollers when necessary.

  • Shades roll up and out of view above the ceiling
  • Access Flap conceals view of the roller from below

Commercial Contract Program at Innovative Openings

Commercial solar shades manufactured in Colorado! The Insolroll® Solar Shades brand brings a lower carbon footprint, sustainable options, and fewer shipping and schedule headaches with award-winning, nationally recognized roller shades to your project.

Innovative Openings' Colorado Advantage

  • Made by Innovative Openings in Boulder County, Colorado
  • Shorter Lead times (10 days large contract orders)
  • Eliminates freight costs and damage
  • We build your order and are in control of quality control

Competitive Pricing

  • High level of service and product quality
  • Includes full service, including project management where needed, design consultation, measuring and installation
  • We service what we sell

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We've Installed Across the Front Range

  • Office and conference rooms
  • Apartments and MDUs
  • Health care and hospital facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants and retail
  • Hotels and hospitality industry

Whether your project is 2 shades for a small remodel or 1500 shades for a large apartment project, Innovative Openings can provide you with the product, price, and service you need for a successful project.

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