Commercial Solar Shades, Patio Shades, Window Security & More

Innovative Openings has been providing commercial window treatments since 1980, with the infrastructure and personnel to meet the design, installation and project management needs of large and small businesses across a spectrum of industries.

solar shades in library for glare control

Commercial Roller & Solar Shades

We started manufacturing solar shades in 1983 and supply Colorado with high-quality, locally manufactured solar shades for residential and commercial use.

  • Block the sun, not the view, while living and working comfortably.
  • Control glare, heat and damaging UV rays while maintaining a connection to the outside world.
  • Enhance building performance with increased energy efficiency and reduced cooling costs.

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Large conference room with Insolroll blackout shades dual shades

Commercial Blackout Shades

Provide enhanced functionality to work spaces through room darkening, privacy and sun control.

  • Complete privacy
  • Room darkening
  • Accessories to block light leaks at sides and bottom of shade

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Commercial Dual Roller Shades

Dual Shades Provide Complete Light Control for Commercial Settings

  • Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Schools
  • Audio-visual rooms
  • Screening rooms

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Restaurant insect protection

Commercial Patio & Exterior Shades

As interest in outdoor living has skyrocketed, so have outdoor dining areas in restaurants.

  • Restaurant Patios
  • Semi-outdoor spaces with overhead doors
  • Indoor/outdoor bars with rolling doors

Innovative Openings offers outdoor shading solutions for all types of outdoor structures, as well as exterior window shades for applications where the shade is needed outside glass. Oasis® Patio Shades and Insect Shades offer protection from sun, golf balls, and insects without blocking the view.

Where increased privacy is needed, such as an outdoor dining area directly adjacent to a sidewalk or other throughway, Oasis exterior translucent and blackout fabrics allow privacy with air flow and either filtered light or opaque fabric that allows no light to pass through.

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Printed Insolroll blackout shades ice cream store

Commercial Digital Printed Shades

Custom printed window shades provide functionality that can transform spaces, enhance branding, and take advantage of additional advertising or promotional space. Display product imagery, lifestyle photography, and even identity signage in area where codes prevent the addition of a physical sign.

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Insolroll Commercial Motorized shades rec center

Commercial Motorized Shades

Certain applications simply must have motorized shades due to size, height, and even safety requirements. Others may want the convenience and energy efficiency that motorized shades offer, or even the ability to control the way shades are used and by whom. Innovative Openings has been a motorization specialist for decades, adapting with the times and technology. Today, we offer motor technologies for a broad array of applications, from retrofit to new construction. Shade control is more diverse than ever, from a simple hand-held remote control or wall switch to building-wide automation. App-based control allows users to click or swipe on their smart phone or tablet to control shades whether they are on site, in another floor, or in another city.

Knowledge and experience are key to successful motorized shading projects, and our project management ensures the outcome your client is looking for.

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