Hard-wired and Wireless Motors

Motorization has never been easier.

  • Convenient operation with control options to fit your lifestyle
  • Easy lifting of larger shades
  • Control high, out-of-reach shades
  • Optimize your home’s energy-efficiency

Do I need wiring to have motorized shades?

No. It’s not necessary to have an electrician add wiring to your home to enjoy the convenience and customization of motorized shades.

If you’re building a new home, pre-wiring can be a good option early in the process. Power for hard-wired shades is wired into the home or business by an electrician, behind walls and out of sight.

If you have an existing home or building, Innovative Openings has excellent wireless battery-powered motors that can make motorization simpler. Battery shades are wireless, powered by either an on-board or external battery power source. No wiring or electrician required.

Insolroll solar shades in Boulder great room flatirons view

Insolroll hard-wired shade motors

Traditional, hard-wired motors by Somfy offer durability and reliability, and may require a certified electrician.


  • Greater lifting capacity for larger shades
  • Line voltage (110 V) OR low voltage (24 V)
  • Available with wired OR wireless controls
  • Quiet motors
Tubular shade motor

Insolroll battery-powered shade motors

No cords. No electrician. No wiring. Just smart wire-free shades to fit your lifestyle or work environment.

  • Available in embedded and external battery options
  • Available with various top treatments
  • Compatible with all Somfy RTS controls Learn about Somfy controls here
  • Easy control via smart phone, tablet, handheld remote, wireless wall switch or integrated with smart-home system Learn about app control here

Embedded battery motors

Wire-free motors with the battery concealed in the tube for a clean look. The battery charge lasts approximately one year between charges.

Embedded Battery Motor
Embedded battery motor

External battery motors

Wire-free motors with an external battery wand that is concealed behind a roller or top treatment. 2 options are available: a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery wand that lasts about 12 to 18 months between charges and an AA reloadable battery wand.

Somfy Lithium-ion battery wand
Somfy Lithium-ion battery wand
Somfy Reloadable Battery Wand
Somfy Reloadable Battery Wand

Somfy’s solar powered rechargeable system

Somfy’s Wirefree™ Li-ion Solar Panel makes keeping your battery shade charged practically effortless.

  • Easy installation doesn’t require an electrician and minimizes installation time and cost
  • Automatically charges Li-ion batteries to extend battery life
  • Compatible with embedded motors and external Li-ion battery wand
Somfy Solar Panel
Somfy solar panel

Magnetic charging

Insolroll’s Magnetic Charging System for rechargeable battery motors makes connection simple. A 33″ long Rigid Magnetic Extension Cable easily reaches the 8″ Magnetic Charging Port and effortlessly connects to the battery for charging.

  • Plugs into motor charging port OR external battery pack
  • Secured with cable clip or tie
  • Can be coiled or extended to full 33″ length
  • Easily extends the user’s reach to the 8″ magnetic charging port

Hunter Douglas hard-wired motors

All PowerView motors can be hard-wired OR battery motors, bringing the ultimate flexibility for motorization to fit any situation.

  • Hardwired motors require less maintenance and provide a cleaner look (requires electrician)
  • Hard-wired motors with plug also requires less maintenance (does not require electrician)
Powerview motors

PowerView motor functions

  • Traditional raise and lower
  • Tilt control for blinds
  • Top-down/Bottom-Up (unique function to Hunter Douglas)
  • DuoLite® 2-in-1 control (available for Applause, Duette, Silhouette, and Vignette)

Learn about PowerView controls here

Duette PowerView Motorization lifestyle

Hunter Douglas battery motors

With multiple battery options, PowerView® motors give you the maximum flexibility for every scenario.

  • Alkaline Reloadable battery wand uses 12 AA batteries (standard with Hunter Douglas battery shades)
  • Rechargeable battery wand lasts about a year between charges
  • C-Size Satellite battery wand lasts about 3 years between battery replacement and uses C batteries

Learn about PowerView controls here

Hunter Douglas rechargeable battery wand motors