Commercial Roller & Solar Shades

Our commercial roller and solar shades allow Colorado businesses to control glare, heat, and UV rays while balancing natural light and a view of the outdoors. We’ve been designing and installing commercial roller and solar shade solutions for offices, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, schools and more since 1980.

Insolroll Commercial Shading Systems

Innovative Openings began manufacturing solar shades and roller shades in 1983, having identified the significant energy impact and positive commercial environmental effects of this innovative class of window covering. In response to the shortcomings of the available product, Rick Pease and Dave Friedlander founded Insolroll Window Shading Systems with a mission to build high quality solar shading systems with the best available fabrics, and standard features and options that immediately distinguished the Insolroll product in the industry.

Insolroll logo

Over 40 years later, Insolroll is an award-winning, nationally known manufacturer, with a network of installing dealers across North America. Innovative Openings was the first of these dealers, and set the bar in Colorado for commercial solar shades.

Insolroll solar shade manufacturing facility

Insolroll Brand Commercial Roller Shades

  • Solar Shades: Block the sun, not the view– control glare, heat and damaging UV rays, while maintaining a connection to the outside world
  • Blackout Shades: for audio-visual applications, room-darkening and establishing privacy
  • Decorative Shades: Insolroll offers textured, decorative fabrics with the fire rating and other commercial qualities you need. See below for commercial decorative fabrics.
  • Dual Shades: 2 shades in a single window treatment combine solar shades and blackout shades or sheer shades and blackout shades
  • Translucent Shades: light filtering shades with required commercial properties, for applications where privacy is needed but light flow is desired, and/or where the view is not an asset. See below for commercial translucent fabrics.
  • Patio Shades and Retractable Insect Screens: Exterior grade solar or translucent shades for outdoor areas so popular in restaurants, and increasingly part of the design plan for new construction in multiple industries. See below for commercial patio shade fabrics.

Commercial Motorized Shades

Motorized commercial shades increase energy efficiency as well as employee efficiency. Enhance customer experience with the ability to raise or lower shades without intruding on their space. Shades don’t need to be handled, prolonging life, and large, heavy shades can be raised and lowered with ease.

Insolroll motorized interior and exterior roller shades can be connected to apps or integrated with building control systems. Innovative Openings provides customized design, sales and installation, including free 60 day design, estimating and detailing services for builders, architects and interior designers.

Insolroll Commercial Motorized shades in recreation center lobby
  • We are experienced in large and small motorized commercial projects, from individual restaurants to franchises, office buildings of any size, multiple dwelling units, etc.
  • We have expertise with large, corporate applications with hundreds of windows, including automation controls that address all of the needs of a large site: energy management and optimization, individual space control, occupant comfort, sensor and timer control, etc.
  • We plan, design and install large building and development projects where individual control is desired, such as Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), multiple-retail locations, hotels, schools, hospitals and more.
  • We’re the only shade manufacturer to offer UL-Listed complete shading systems.

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REI store merchandise solar shades

Industries Served

Innovative Openings Has the Experience to Complete Projects Across Many Industries

Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Solar shades, privacy/room darkening shades for exam and patient rooms, translucent shades for privacy and daylighting
  • Fabrics that meet necessary health care standards
  • Antimicrobial fabrics
  • Safety standards- child safety, Fire Retardant
  • Control scenarios for single rooms, shared spaces, building level control
local dental office exam room solar shades black fascia

Schools and Universities

  • Glare control for classrooms and common areas
  • Audio-Visual blackout shades
  • Safety standards- child safety, fire retardant
  • Durable and cleanable
  • Visual connection to outside environment
University logo printed blackout shades in conference room

Offices and Conference Rooms

  • Work setting glare control
  • Audio-visual blackout and dual shades with solar screens
  • Control scenarios for individual offices, zone control, and whole building integration
  • High performance solar shades to optimize energy usage
Large corporate conference room with Insolroll Solar Shades to control glare and heat

Hotels and Hospitality

  • Guest room dual shades for privacy and light filtering
  • Commercial fire-rated sheer fabrics for dual shades or layered treatments
  • Window treatments for common areas and their functions
  • Ballroom and meeting room window treatments and audio-visual shades
  • Control scenarios for guests and management
Hotel Room with Insolroll Translucent Shades


  • Make customers comfortable
  • Durable, attractive window treatments
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Maintain view and connection to outside
  • Custom printing on shades available
Casual restaurant with beige Insolroll solar shades

Retail Locations

  • Glare control for patrons and service people
  • Ambience and light control for the perfect setting
  • Protect merchandise for UV rays
  • Printed shades provide additional signage
  • Control Scenarios for single shades or groups of shades
Printed Insolroll Solar Shades in retail storefront

Commercial Contract Program at Innovative Openings

Commercial solar shades manufactured in Colorado! The Insolroll® Solar Shades brand brings a lower carbon footprint, sustainable options, and fewer shipping and schedule headaches with award-winning, nationally recognized roller shades to your project.

Innovative Openings Local Colorado Business emblem

Innovative Openings’ Colorado Advantage

  • Made by Innovative Openings in Boulder County, Colorado
  • Shorter Lead times (10 days large contract orders)
  • Eliminates freight costs and damage
  • We build your order and are in control of quality control
Large retail facility with Insolroll Solar Shades

Competitive Pricing

  • High level of service and product quality
  • Includes full service, including project management where needed, design consultation, measuring and installation
  • We service what we sell

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Company conference room with Insolroll solar shades

We’ve installed across the Front Range

  • Office and conference rooms
  • Apartments and MDUs
  • Health care and hospital facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants and retail
  • Hotels and hospitality industry
Printed Insolroll Blackout Shades indicating closed ticket office

Whether your project is 2 shades for a small remodel or 1500 shades for a large apartment project, Innovative Openings can provide you with the product, price, and service you need for a successful project.

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