Get Award Winning Window Treatments in YOUR Home!

Imagine… award-winning blinds on your windows… The Window Covering Manufacturers Association 2014 Product Awards were announced on July 1st, and Innovative Openings is proud to feature a number of award winning products! Award-winners for your windows UL Listed Motorized Shade Systems from Insolroll We’re especially proud of this product- we are the manufacturer! These motorized […]

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels: shades with multiple personalities!

Skyline gliding window panels room darkening bedroom

Have you taken a look at Skyline® Gliding Window Panels? This unique Hunter Douglas window treatment is clean, elegant, and versatile. Skyline Gliding Window Panels for tall, soaring windows… yes! Skyline looks gorgeous in extremely tall windows, almost like a variable accent wall with texture and light. Depending on the fabric you choose, you can […]

Why buy blinds locally from Innovative Openings in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins? The real value story…

Patio awning installation

In our fast paced society, sometimes it feels hard to justify getting up and going down to a showroom, or having someone out to the house to buy a product for your home. There are tempting alternatives in online sellers, but is this really the way to buy window treatments? At Innovative Openings, we believe […]

Get in the Flow: Hunter Douglas Makes it Easy with Counterparts®!

Luminette counterparts

If you hang around with designers much, you’ll hear them talking about “flow”. We don’t always know when we see it, but we sure know when we feel it… as human beings, we like reference points. We like elements to be repeated. We like to have some expectations met, while other elements surprise us. Flow […]

Patio Shades and the Plants that Love Them

Oasis® 2800 patio shade

Creating Some Shade Opens up Planting Possibilities! We always think just the opposite, right? Plants need sun! Truthfully, though, when you think of lush tropical plants, many of them need filtered light in order to thrive. When you shade your patio, you are opening up worlds of possibility for patio plants in containers. I like […]