Patio Shades and the Plants that Love Them

Creating Some Shade Opens up Planting Possibilities!

We always think just the opposite, right? Plants need sun! Truthfully, though, when you think of lush tropical plants, many of them need filtered light in order to thrive. When you shade your patio, you are opening up worlds of possibility for patio plants in containers. I like to bring some bigger houseplants outside in the summer, but I learned the hard way that too much sun is even more deadly for some plants than it is for your skin. One summer, I burned the leaves of my beautiful rubber plant when I brought it out onto the deck under the bright and hot direct Colorado sun- lesson learned!

Greenery That Loves Filtered Light Adds Lushness

Some people think that adding patio shades will limit the plants they are able to grow on a patio or deck, but in fact, the opposite is true. We add patio shading to make our decks more comfortable, and that can make your outdoor space more comfortable for a wider range of plants, too! Greenery plants like Chinese Evergreens and Peace Lilies especially enjoy a more temperate location, with filtered light, making a tropical feeling setting very easy to achieve on a shaded patio. Palmlike Dracaena grows well outdoors in filtered light, and can height and texture to your patio space. Shadier corners are wonderful for ferns, who enjoy dappled light and add lushness like no other plant.

Dracaena Marginata
christmas fern
Christmas Fern
Peace Lily
Peace Lily









Shade Loving Flowers Bring Color and Interest

It’s not all about greenery, though! If you like flowers and color, shade can really work for you, and give you gorgeous blooms with less maintenance than sun-loving container flowers because they will not dry out as quickly. For annual lovers, impatiens and torenia provide beautiful color, and fabulous fuschia plant makes a stunning hanging basket. Coleus and sedge bring wonderful texture and color to shade loving containers, too.

Torenia (Wishbone Flower)

Go ahead and put some sun loving plants and flowers just outside your patio shades, too… solar patio shades let you look right through at beautiful flowers and foliage thriving in bright sun, while you sit in the shade and comfort. It’s a win/win kind of thing! If you love plants, but want a comfortable, cooler, shaded patio, dig a little deeper to find plants that will make your patio (and your heart) sing!


XSSS pergolaStucIntFlowerCrop
Looking at sun loving flowers on the outside, and shade loving flowers on the inside of this Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades





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