Get in the Flow: Hunter Douglas Makes it Easy with Counterparts®!

If you hang around with designers much, you’ll hear them talking about “flow”. We don’t always know when we see it, but we sure know when we feel it… as human beings, we like reference points. We like elements to be repeated. We like to have some expectations met, while other elements surprise us. Flow can happen in a room, or in an entire house. It can come from colors, materials, or shades, and it moves you effortlessly from one space to another. Some people worry about being “matchy, matchy” so much that they forgo related elements that create flow, and their spaces can become ruled by chaotic energy. Calm things down a little… don’t shy away from all “matching”… think of it as “rhythm” instead.

“Flow” in Window Treatments; get it even without a designer from Hunter Douglas!

In the world of window treatments, Hunter Douglas’ Counterparts® Whole House Solution™ program has made it easy to create flow in your room or whole home with some of their most popular window shades, with colors already matched for you (even though they have different names in the different product lines). Different rooms have different needs for privacy and light, and even within one room the windows have different functional needs and orientations.

Hunter Douglas says “The most popular colorways for window coverings are white, cream and beige. Now you can select coordinating Hunter Douglas premium “Ette” products in these colors faster and easier than ever before. Counterparts® The Whole House Solution™ brings together Pirouette® window shadings with Silhouette® window shadings, and Luminette® Privacy Sheers, Duette® honeycomb shades and Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.”

In practice, this might look like Duettes in the bedroom, Silhouettes in the living and dining rooms, and Luminette Privacy Sheers on the french doors that lead to the patio. All in the same tone, in either a solid or textured fabric, or a coordinating mix. Meet all of your needs, and even mix it up a little with textures created by the vanes or cells of the window treatments themselves. And you’ll find yourself in the flow… from room to room, or even in the same room, with the calming influence of Counterparts® Whole House Solutions™.

A Case Study

Here is an example showing the impact and flow of Luminette Privacy Sheers paired up with several different Hunter Douglas Window Treatments- look at the difference, in appearance and in function. Tall vertical windows just cry out for Luminettes, and the smaller, horizontal window in the dining room benefits from the clean, horizontal look of 4 different types of shades.  The choice may come down to personal preference, how much view-through you want, or what’s on the other side of the window! Using a horizontal shade, we can leave the upper window uncovered for additional light. Although the living room windows also have an upper window portion, they are higher, and so mounting the Luminettes along the ceiling line of the lower dining room looks pleasing and right, while doing so with a vertical window treatment in the dining room would look too low. And Luminettes give us more function in the case of a french or sliding door to the outside.


Luminette with Duette on smaller window.
Luminette with Pirouette on smaller window
Luminette with Silhouette on smaller window
Luminette with Vignette on smaller window

To see the colors and samples, look in the Luminette Sample book, either at the showroom or in an in-home consultation. These timeless color choices will free you to use wall color and/or accessories with abandon, and change them at will.

Happy Spring from Hunter Douglas!

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