Silhouette Window Shadings from Innovative Openings- They’re Magic!

Today, I’d like to write a blog on Silhouette Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas.  Here goes:

Silhouette Window Shadings are beautiful.

The end.



What? You need more? There is nothing more- that one word says it all.

Okay… maybe there is more, but that is the most intrinsic thing about Silhouettes- they are quite simply beautiful. You get an almost ethereal combination of function and form with Silhouettes- almost more than one window treatment deserves to have. The ingenious vanes operate similarly to time honored venetian blinds, but they are a quantum leap beyond where that design left off.

Silhouette® Window Shadings blinds

Hunter Douglas’ Ingenious Silhouette® Design

Hunter’s own description of the Silhouette® window shadings design says that the “Signature S-Vane™” “magically” floats between two sheers. Magic. Who couldn’t use a little more magic? But, I digress. The magically floating S-Vanes in concert with the two layers of sheer fabric create all kinds of lighting effects, depending on your choice of vane fabric, from semi-sheer to semi-opaque, color, and amount of sheen,as well as the light conditions outside and the angle of the vanes. Different colors and textures in the sheer fabric also affect how the light will look coming into your space. You tilt the vanes to the angle of your choice, and voila, you have the amount of light and privacy or view through you want. Swoonworthy.

The online “Design Your Own” function at is powerful enough to show every color variation of Silhouette, and then apply it to a window to see how it looks in context. You can look at the Silhouette shade you designed on a window from Hunter Douglas’ gallery of four samples, or even upload your own room photo and see how Silhouette would look in your life. Magic.

Make Silhouette® Your Own

Silhouette® Window shadings kitchen

There are a few more details, I admit… you need to choose an operating system. You need to choose whether you want inside mount or outside mount. You need a professional from Innovative Openings to measure and give you a design consultation, etcetera, etcetera. I say that because all of it is totally secondary to the Silhouette® design and the fabric choice you make. You won’t even remember any of the other stuff!




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