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Oasis® 2800 patio shade

Patio Shades and the Plants that Love Them

Creating Some Shade Opens up Planting Possibilities! We always think just the opposite, right? Plants need sun! Truthfully, though, when you think of lush tropical plants, many of them need filtered light in order to thrive. When you shade your patio, you are opening up worlds of possibility for patio plants in containers. I like …read the full post

Do You Patio? At Innovative Openings We Do!

Block the Sun, Not the View, and Enjoy Your Patio When YOU Want to!  Innovative Openings is the manufacturer of Oasis® Patio Shades by Insolroll, with three models to meet the needs of all kinds of patio applications. We offer factory direct, locally made sun, glare and even insect protection for your deck or patio. …read the full post

Make Your Deck or Patio a Paradise for Every Day

The Beautiful… When those first lovely days come around as winter wanes, an internal switch is flipped. We start to look at the sky differently, and the same temperature feels different on our skin. My thoughts turn without hesitation or apology to… the beautiful. The possibilities. The little dreams I have for my outdoor living …read the full post

Windows and wonders in Russia

Watching the spectacle of the 22nd Olympiad in Sochi, Russia, like every Olympics, gives me a chance to get a cultural glimpse into an unfamiliar part of the world. What a treat to see the footage of wonderful Sochi, Russian pop culture, and all the little bits of Russian style sensibilities interwoven into the interviews, …read the full post

luminette counterparts blinds

Window treatments that just feel right

So much of the time, when we’re thinking about window treatments, we’re thinking about function, and even form, in the strictest sense. Physical design, materials, even colors can rule over the heart in these matters. But do you ever just daydream about your perfect room, casting practicality to the wind? Find your happy place… Feeling …read the full post

Quiet battery motor shades

Motorized Shades: No Wiring Necessary

Would you like to have motorized shades in your home? To control your light, privacy and ambience with the touch of a button? It can be so much easier than most people would guess… you don’t have to have an electrician or make messy modifications in your existing home. You don’t have to worry about …read the full post

Color, Light, and Balance in January

In January, we all get to thinking about balance and moderation. Like all good things, light is best in moderation. If you don’t have enough, an oppressive gloom can settle over a room, creating an atmosphere that makes you want to go someplace else. But, as anyone who has had to spend time in a …read the full post