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Make Your Deck or Patio a Paradise for Every Day

The Beautiful… When those first lovely days come around as winter wanes, an internal switch is flipped. We start to look at the sky differently, and the same temperature feels different on our skin. My thoughts turn without hesitation or apology to… the beautiful. The possibilities. The little dreams I have for my outdoor living space and how it could make my life lovelier every day of the week. Space Planning, Privacy and Shading on Your Patio You’ve got to know two important things to make your outdoor space perfect for YOU. First, What is the physical space you have to work with? And second, what do you TRULY want to do there?  Does your family love to dine al fresco? Do you really want a peaceful place to relax after a long day? Do you want a nook to recline in and read? Maybe you meditate outdoors. Maybe you…Read More

Windows and wonders in Russia

Watching the spectacle of the 22nd Olympiad in Sochi, Russia, like every Olympics, gives me a chance to get a cultural glimpse into an unfamiliar part of the world. What a treat to see the footage of wonderful Sochi, Russian pop culture, and all the little bits of Russian style sensibilities interwoven into the interviews, venues, costumes, and everything that adds up to create the sum of an Olympics. The opening ceremonies were a feast for the eyes, with the beloved traditions of Russian music and ballet incorporated with traditional Russian motifs, history and high tech imagery. Some people will only look back on that one snowflake that refused to open up into the fifth Olympic ring, but not me. I will remember the amazing floor-projection system with 120 projectors, bringing history to life. I will remember the beautiful dream of the little girl, Lyubov. I will remember the magical…Read More

luminette counterparts blinds

Window treatments that just feel right

So much of the time, when we’re thinking about window treatments, we’re thinking about function, and even form, in the strictest sense. Physical design, materials, even colors can rule over the heart in these matters. But do you ever just daydream about your perfect room, casting practicality to the wind? Find your happy place… Feeling good, and happy, with your surroundings, and IN your surroundings makes a big difference in how we approach other aspects of our lives. Since our window treatments provide a connection, or interface, with the outside world, their impact can be significant on our satisfaction and “feel good” factor, so why not go for it? Designers know all about this phenomenon. You’ll hear them talk about their “inspiration piece”… something that provided a springboard for an entire room’s design. Sometimes it’s a piece of art or furniture. Sometimes it’s a swatch of fabric. For me, it’s…Read More

Quiet battery motor shades

Motorized Shades: No Wiring Necessary

Would you like to have motorized shades in your home? To control your light, privacy and ambience with the touch of a button? It can be so much easier than most people would guess… you don’t have to have an electrician or make messy modifications in your existing home. You don’t have to worry about electrical codes or permits. In fact, you really don’t have to worry about much of anything at all to realize this small dream! The Wonders of Wire-Free Today, there are lots of options when it comes to wire-free window treatments- options in fabrics and materials, options in type and function and options in the way you operate and control them. Battery operated window treatments have been developed by Hunter Douglas advancements in the technology have resulted in vastly improved battery life, easier access and more convenient controls than ever Hunter Douglas PowerView Almost all of…Read More

Color, Light, and Balance in January

In January, we all get to thinking about balance and moderation. Like all good things, light is best in moderation. If you don’t have enough, an oppressive gloom can settle over a room, creating an atmosphere that makes you want to go someplace else. But, as anyone who has had to spend time in a too-bright room can tell you, too much light can be too much of a good thing, and leave you with a headache from squinting and an irritable disposition. Where’s the balance? Window coverings offer so many ways to affect and effect the feeling of a room through light. Transparent and translucent treatments let light into the room without overpowering you, or making things uncomfortable. They have much more to offer than that, though; each delivers a very different ambience, and can change a room’s whole outlook.     Transparent Treatments The word transparent means that…Read More

The Benefits of Shutters

If you’re looking for window treatments that go beyond being a simple decoration and become a great investment for your home, shutters are the best option.  Shutters can be an easy way to enhance the appeal of your home and as realtors will tell you, they are the only window cover that can increase the real estate value of your house. A tried and true classic that will never go out of style, Innovative Openings has an amazing selection of shutters that can really make the windows of your Colorado home stand out. If you are looking for an architectural window treatment that makes a statement in addition to controlling natural light in your home, shutters might be the answer you’re looking for.  Generally better at keeping out light than standard blinds, shutters like our Woodfold Alder Wood Shutters have the versatility to give your home’s ambiance anything from a warm, rustic look to…Read More

October is National Window Covering Safety Month

Most people associate October with crisp weather, leaves changing color and Halloween. It is a safe bet that when many Americans hear “October” their minds don’t immediately think of how safe their windows and window coverings are. However, while the month of October is indeed better known for ghosts, ghouls, candies and costumes, it is also a month long acknowledgment of the dangers window coverings can cause for young children across the country.

Insolroll Motorized Blinds in the Livingroom

Motorized Blinds Can Unlock Your Home’s Potential!

Motorized Blinds Can Unlock Your Home’s Potential!   Imagine this situation in your Colorado home: you have a decent set of blinds in your living room, your kitchen, and maybe in your bathroom and as far as you’re concerned; you’ve only ever had a home with manually raised window treatments. You are probably more than familiar with the limitations of manual blinds as well, but what if we said that motorized blinds could change the way you control privacy and sunshine in your house? Your home is your castle. You want it to be a beautiful, comfortable place to be, but you also want it to be efficient and maintain its value. Most of all, you want it to work with your lifestyle- your life and your day are unique, and motorization in window treatments can enhance your day from the moment you wake up. Simply push a button to create perfect light management anywhere…Read More