Motorized Shades: No Wiring Necessary

Quiet battery motor shades
Q Motion Battery Motor shades bring beauty and convenience to this loft

Would you like to have motorized shades in your home? To control your light, privacy and ambience with the touch of a button? It can be so much easier than most people would guess… you don’t have to have an electrician or make messy modifications in your existing home. You don’t have to worry about electrical codes or permits. In fact, you really don’t have to worry about much of anything at all to realize this small dream!

The Wonders of Wire-Free

Today, there are lots of options when it comes to wire-free window treatments- options in fabrics and materials, options in type and function and options in the way you operate and control them. Battery operated window treatments have been developed by Hunter Douglas and Q Motion, to name just a couple, and advancements in the technology have resulted in vastly improved battery life, easier access and more convenient controls than ever

Hunter Douglas PowerRise

Applause with PowerRise system
This room exudes serenity, and Hunter Douglas PowerRise completes the lifestyle.

Almost all of the most popular Hunter Douglas products are available with PowerRise systems, from Roller Shades to Duette Honeycomb Shades to their brand new Solera Soft Shades. There is a dazzling array of fabric colors, textures and opacities to choose from, as well as the individual features that make Hunter Douglas window treatments stand out in the industry. You can even get the fabulous top-down/bottom operation on the types of shades that offer it! Operate with a wall switch or a remote control. Another plus- quiet operation; Hunter Douglas likes to say their motorized window fashions “should be seen and not heard”.

Q Motion Roller Shades

Q Motion shades are an exciting product with plenty of buzz around them. The batteries in this roller shade are actually in the roller itself, making them very accessible and easy to replace. On top of that, Q Motion has developed a spring-assist in the shade that allows the battery life to be HUGE! Up to five years, according to Q Motion, based on their product tests. The batteries are standard alkaline D cells, so there’s no running around to find a source for a special battery. Another interesting feature of the Q Motion shade is that they can be operated manually as well. The first time I saw this demonstrated, there was an audible gasp in the room as the demonstrator just reached up and pulled the hembar down by hand… you wouldn’t want to try that with most motorized shades! In my book, that makes this shade a better bet in homes with kids,  even more so than other cordless window blinds. Q Motion also prides itself on the quiet operation of their motor system, which is noticeably whisper-quiet.

There’s an app for that… and it’s FREE!

IPhone motorized shade control
Q Motion’s QSync app

Both the Hunter Douglas PowerRise system and the Q Motion system can be controlled by Apple iPhones and iPads, and Q Motion has an app for Android as well (Android app for PowerRise coming soon, says Hunter Douglas). Install the app, and control has never been easier or more personal and precise. Control shades individually or in groups, create “scenes” you can activate with a simple touch, and lots more great options for personalized shade control in your home.

See the iOS app description for QSync by Q Motion.

See the Android app description for QSync by Q Motion.

See the Hunter Douglas PowerRise Platinum app description for iOS.

Even more to love about wire free motorized shades

baby on climbing on chair

You can’t talk about motorized window treatments without touching on the fact that they are also inherently cord-free, and therefore the best choice for child safety. Kids and pets can and do have all sorts of mishaps with the cords in window shades, and that makes cord-free motorized shades all the more attractive and beneficial for homes with kids, both human or furry. If you don’t have either, you may someday sell your home to someone who does, so motorized shades are a smart, forward-thinking choice whatever your situation. And kids or not, who doesn’t like a little bit of luxury and convenience?



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