A Vignette Modern Roman Shades Love Letter

SW PhotoBy Susan Williams for Innovative Openings

Vignette breakfast nook top down bottom up

Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve earned the name “Vignette Queen” from our family here at Innovative Openings, because of my known love affair with the Hunter Douglas Vignette product.  Not only is it a beautiful window covering, with lots of lovely and contemporary fabric options, but Vignettes provide a lot of functionality similar to a honeycomb, but with a softer, fabric look!


Vignette is a contemporary type of Roman Shade, so it gives you the soft look of fabric without the weight or volume of draperies.  The Vignette operates with ease, is light weight, and has nice, neutral lining options that can be seen from the street. The cords tuck neatly between the fabric and lining, so you don’t see any lift cords from the outside.


vignette tiered
Vignette soft fold pleats
Vignette flat fold
Vignette traverse over sliding glass door
Vignette Traverse

Vignettes come with many combinations of fabric styles and options. You can select soft fold pleats that stack up on top of each other.  This provides a soft valance look when the shade is opened, opposed to the stack of a honeycomb shade.

If you prefer a more contemporary look, or I even like to say “spa-like” feel, you can go with the flat fold, which rolls up neatly into a fabric-wrapped cassette. If you have a sliding glass door to cover, you can get a Vignette Traverse.  This opens vertically, and comes with the same fabric options to match your horizontal Vignettes.  This is an excellent alternative to the Duette Honeycomb Vertiglide. When the Vignette Traverse is fully opened, it looks like a contemporary fabric panel that stacks neatly and tightly, like a honeycomb, but again with a softer look, which is a fabulous plus!

There are many types of fabrics to select from.  There are textured Linens and Raw Silk-like looks, satin and frosted fabrics, woven textured fabrics with rich metallic threads, rustic textures, and even natural woven wood-like looks, but in a synthetic weave.  Although they look like their true counterparts, they are mostly made of Polyester, so they are very easy to care for and keep for many years with daily use. The fabrics range from translucent, allowing light to come through, to room-darkening, when you’d like to have a dark room.

Vignette LiteRise operator
LiteRise, Cordless Operation Option
Vignetted UltraGlide operator
UltraGlide Retractable Cord operator

Love these Vignette cord solutions!

Are you frustrated with the cords of old shades? These are the cords that hang and dangle loose, getting longer and longer (and heavier!) as you open the shade. They can now be a thing of the past. Vignettes offer a wonderful solution! Vignettes can be operated several different ways:

These are all much easier to operate than the old-style, traditional Roman Shades still covering lots of windows out there. Vignettes can also be motorized with the PowerRise 2.1, which has the option of being controlled by your Apple and now PC devices… very sophisticated!

Vignette EasyRise Loop Cord
EasyRise Loop Cord
Vignette PowerRise operator
PowerRise 2.1 with top-down bottom-up

Vignette brings style to bathrooms

Are you looking for a new window treatment for your bathroom? The Vignette is the perfect solution, giving you the privacy of a Top-down shade, but complimenting your tile, stone and hard surfaces with a soft, fabric look.  And, if you happen to have that hard-to-reach window behind your tub, motorization with a remote control is the perfect way to go!  Besides your bath, Vignettes are pretty perfect for any room in your home.  …Ok, I may be sounding a little biased, or perhaps infatuated!

Vignette roman shade in the bath
Top-down bottom-up Vignette- perfect surrounding a tub!

That being said, I do have a lot of favorites in my life… including skiing and hiking in our beautiful state, dining at local restaurants, dancing to live music, and visiting beach-town communities.  And when it comes to my home, I’ve definitely added the beauty, softness, sophistication, and warmth of the soft and curvy Vignette to my list of favorites!

I hope I’ve at least got you interested in taking a look at this elegant, soft and functional window treatment…

Hopelessly Smitten with Vignette,