Silhouette UltraGlide 2 Operating System- Convenience and Elegance- Click and go!

silhouette ultraglide 2 click and walk away operator

Click it and walk away! Today’s Silhouette window shading is easier to operate than ever, thanks to Hunter Douglas’ new UltraGlide® 2 operating system. This really is a huge improvement- lowering the shade used to be a process, but now, after a simple, single motion, the shade gracefully lowers itself and opens the inner vanes with ease. It’s a beautiful thing, and can bring just a little bit of simple elegance to your home. The Window Coverings Manufacturing Association agreed, giving the UltraGlide 2 an honorable mention nod in the best new technical innovation category of the 2014 WCMA Product Awards.

What sets Silhouette UltraGlide 2 apart?

What makes this operating system so much easier is a retractable cord system. This is especially useful for windows that sit above counter tops and bay window seats where regular window shade cords would otherwise get bunched up at the bottom when the shade is up. Additionally, the Silhouette Ultraglide adds simplicity to your day by simplifying operation of your shading. To operate the shade, simply pull the cord toward the center of the shade, click, and walk away. The shade will lower itself and the Silhouette vanes will automatically open themselves as they reach their lower limit. The vanes may also be tilted with a light pull of the cord for precise light control. To lift the shade, pull the cord several times, using Ultraglide’s ratcheting action to lift the shade in increments, and allowing the cord to fully retract into the head box each time. The Ultraglide® retractable cord system allows for a 50% reduction in pull cord force, which means you only use half the effort.

Enhanced safety and appearance

As new child safety standards emerge in the window shade industry, the Hunter Douglas Ultraglide provides another way to find peace of mind with a corded window treatment. Because it has a single, short cord pull, the Ultraglide eliminates the strangulation hazards long, looped cords on shades present.  With the Ultraglide® retractable cord system , you have added safety for your children and pets, and have no unsightly cords to spoil your home’s decor.

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. Convenient. See for yourself!