Silhouette® Duolite™: Best of Both Worlds!

Silhouette Duolite office

One thing I think everyone is looking for when purchasing new window treatments for their bedrooms is privacy. Probably the second thing would be something that can keep the room dark when they need some extra sleep. In the past, it has been difficult to find a single product that fills both of those needs, and that is also a beautiful addition to your room. The new Silhouette Duolite is the gorgeous accent to your room that you have been looking for; a perfect combination of room darkening and privacy shading. Want more validation that this product is awesome? Hunter Douglas’s Silhouette Duolite was awarded Window Coverings Manufacturers Association 2015 Product of the Year!

Silhouette Duolite product of the year emblem

This product offers a solution to a variety of common dilemmas. If you work the graveyard shift, and are somewhat nocturnal, the room darkening shade keeps your bedroom dark enough to sleep through the bright, daylight hours. If you have a window that faces towards your way-closer-than-comfort next-door-neighbor’s house, the light filtering shade provides privacy during the day, while still letting in light, and extra privacy is added at night with the room darkening shades. If you have a hard time putting your kids down for their afternoon nap, the room darkening shade, again, will be your very best friend.

Hunter Douglas has upped the ante yet again, with the newest addition to their Silhouette line. The Silhouette Duolite Shading System combines the beautiful, light diffusing sheer, S-vane Silhouette, which we have all grown to love, with a room darkening roller shade. The room darkening shade tightly fits behind the Silhouette in the same head rail. This product is similar to the Silhouette A Deux™, with dual-shade operation, but with new technology that allows for a smaller, more elegant head rail, along with a single cord (or atomized) operating system. The two shades operate independently from each other, allowing for more light-entry-customization. Silhouette Duolite is offered in both thePowerView™ Motorized System and Ultraglide® Click and Walk Away Retractable Cord, both of which are child safe options for your home.


I’m personally very excited about this product, I have always loved the polished look of Silhouette shades, but could not commit due to the fact that I absolutely NEED my sleep on weekends, and this shade offers a beautiful solution. Here at Innovative Openings, we are also thrilled about the beautiful design opportunities that now have been opened up by this new product. The Silhouette Duolite is ideal for bedrooms, providing light-diffusing fabric for daytime privacy, and a room darkening shade, perfect for those mornings you are in need of a little extra snooze time.

This new product from Hunter Douglas is giving people what they want for their homes. No settling or compromising is required when you can have the benefits of two shades in one. Hunter Douglas has said it best on their site, “the best of both worlds.”