Patio Season Spotlight!

Have you ever considered that the exterior elements of your house might be in need of some shades too? I know what you are thinking, but window treatments are for the inside, right? Well, I’m here to tell you about the different exterior shading options that you may have never realized you needed!

Durasol Pinnacle Patio Awning
Pinnacle Structured Awning fully extended over patio pergola

Retractable Patio Awnings


Many people are indecisive about how much shade they want in their backyards, and when guest are over, there will always be a split decision for people sitting under shade or in the sun. Well, with retractable patio awnings you are provided the versatility that you need! You can keep the awning extended, retracted, or anywhere in between. What’s even better? For motorized retractable patio awnings, they have automatic wind sensors. So when you live in a place as windy as the Front Range, you have back up for days you forget to retract your awning. Pinnacle structure awnings by Durasol, are a great option for pergolas, trellises and sunroom structures, something only offered by this brand. It is installed on top of your already existing structure, and combines all of the great features offered from a retractable and a fixed awning. The track system holds the awning fabric tight, but you still have the option to retract it when you are in need of a little sunshine. We have great retractable awning options from Durasol and Sunesta available this for you this summer.

Retractable Patio Shades and Insect Screens


Have a structured area that you want enclosed occasionally, but that can be completely open other times? Patio sun shades are a great choice for you! With a variety of solar screens, translucent fabrics, and strong insect screens, the Insolroll Oasis line has just what you need. Solar shades in a dark fabric are great for blocking the glare from the sun, but still keeping the view. Lighter solar shade fabrics create more privacy, and reflect heat from the UV rays of the sun. Besides protecting you from UV rays and insects, Oasis patio shades can protect you from flying golf balls too, a threat many homes near golf courses face.

Patio shades with windows enclose protect patio furnishings
Patio furniture is protected with Sunesta Patio Enclosure

Patio Enclosure Shades


Want to invest more money in your patio furniture, but you’re nervous because you know how erosive Colorado weather can be? From blizzards, to flash floods, to 300 days of sunshine, Colorado definitely can test your patio furniture’s limits. Patio enclosure shades offer a solution to this obstacle. Sunesta and Insolroll Patio Enclosure Shades make your patio available for usage more days out of the year, simply with the flip of a switch. Sunesta has shades made from acrylic, vinyl, and clear vinyl awning fabrics seal moisture out, keeping your patio furnishings dry in winter months. Insolroll has water-resistant and waterproof translucent fabrics that are perfect for privacy and protection. Pair your enclosure shades with retractable patio shades for dual shade system control.

Retractable Window Awnings


Much like patio awnings, window awnings give you a variety of options and the ability to control the amount of light coming into a room. These stylish window adornments add curb appeal, while blocking heat from entering your home. Sunesta’s Sundrop Window Awnings offer even more flexibility, letting you extend the awnings their full length and then dropping them down to act as an exterior window shade. On hot west facing windows, this is an excellent solution in the summer time.

exterior solar shades block sun not the view
Insolroll exterior window shades preventing heat from reaching window glass

Exterior Window Shades


The Europeans have been using exterior window shades for years, its time we adapt to this visionary concept! Blocking UV rays and solar heat before it even has the chance to heat the glass of your windows, Insolroll’s Oasis 2900 exterior solar shades are the most effective way to reduce heat gain. The 2900 has an exclusive zipper track, which zips out insects as well, reducing the chance of insect intrusions in your home. With a wide selection of solar screen fabrics to choose from, your home is sure to look polished and appealing.

We are here to help! There are so many options to enhance your backyard set up. Come into our showroom, or let us come visit you in your home. We would love to help you make your patio and home more beautiful than it already is!

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