Home Security Shutters

Innovative Openings has manufactured, sold, and installed security shutters for all types of applications in Colorado since 1980. After manufacturing shutters for 25 years, we have partnered with QMI, one of the largest manufacturers of rolling security shutters in North America to provide our customers with more options and solutions than ever.

Residential QMI Rolling Shutters QMI Rolling Security Shutters keep vandals out and your home safe

QMI has developed a rolling home security shutter product with security as a primary design criterion.

  • Extruded aluminum slats that roll down to form a tough barrier against intruders and vandalism
  • Multi-purpose security shutters offer privacy, sun control, storm protection and peace of mind that security brings



Rolling Security Shutter remote cabin
Keep out wild animals like bears as well as vandals in your remote location vacation home.

Security shutters are perfect security solution for vacation homes

  • Roll down shutters for security when you are away in the off season or on vacation
  • Additional locking devices can be added for remote mountain applications to protect your valuables and furnishings


Qompact is the world's smallest rolling shutter box size

qompact box size

QMI has revolutionized rolling security shutter detailing with a head-box that is 30-50% smaller than the competition.  This revolutionary slat design allows shutters to be mounted in many applications that were not practical in the past.


Qompact Slats

Revolutionary window security shutter slat design

Qompact Shutters incorporate a series of curved slat sizes to insure each slat aligns perfectly with the previous slat to form the tightest roll of slats available.

NEW Qompact slat design (AL7-E) that allows for the tightest coil and smallest exterior security shutter housing ever!

Imagine a 13' tall rolling shutter now mounted in a 7" box at the top of the window instead of a 10" or 12" box used with other slats.
compact security shutter

QMI Security Shutter operator options

architecture heat sun golf ball blocking protection

Motorized security shutters

Motorized shutters utilize a tubular motor that fits inside the roller tube of the shutter. Rolling shutter motors are very reliable and are strong enough to lift even the heaviest exterior shutters.

  • STD-AC - 4 wire directional AC motors
  • STD-ACR - 3 wire directional AC Radio motors
  • EZ Drive Low voltage motor with rechargeable battery power.

The AC Motor options are available with an optional crank override system for egress windows and doors.

Manual security shutters

Our rolling shutters are available with a variety of manual operators including:

  • Spring operation (manual push up / pull down)

Our E-Z Drive low voltage motor system has become a good option to traditional manual operators as it prices out in a similar price range.

solid and punched slat types


Security shutter slat options

Extruded aluminum single wall slat

Our most versatile rolling shutter profile, the extruded AL7 aluminum slats can be punched with one of 5 styles for both security and vision. Combined with a patented retention system the slats are restricted from being pushed out of sidetracks. It also rolls up in a more concentric roll, reducing the head room needed for the coil housing.  This is an ideal product for extreme wind and security applications.



Aluminum roll formed slat

Roll Formed Aluminum profiles provide good insulation against cold, heat and noise. They are excellent as a security barrier and provide good storm protection.  Each slat is vented to allow privacy and ventilation when in a partial closed shutter.

Aluminum foam-filled slats


Polyurethane foam insulation core

QMI Security Shutter key lock base slat for maximum security applications.

security shutter lock


The bottom slat can be provided with a keyed lock that extends bolts into each side track.  The lock may be keyed from either side or both depending upon the project needs.




Exterior rolling shutter side track detail

End retention prevents slats from coming out of side rails

QMI window security shutters are available with an end retention systems that prevents intruders from breaking in by pulling the slats out of the side rails. This feature was originally designed to increase shutter spans in hurricane conditions, but serves equally well as a security feature