Custom Printed Digital Printed Shades

Colorado Flag
Manufactured in Colorado

Innovative Openings offers custom digital printing on solar screen and blackout shades. Imagine the possibilities of this application for your home or business!

A jewel in the crown of this municipality, the recreational center pictured above promoted their brand image and services by having us print images of the activities they offer on their exterior window coverings.

For residences, custom printed window shades offer the ultimate in personalization, in custom colors to match or complement a room’s design, custom patterns, photographs, artwork, or the simple incorporation of a design element into a band or border.

Innovative Openings offers in-house wide format custom digital printed shades

Printed shade corporate conference center town
A mural was created for these shades at a conference center.

Custom digital printed window shades offer a unique opportunity for signage and branding a business.

  • In-house, printed by our manufacturing division, Insolroll Window Shading Systems.
  • High quality 4 color printing
  • Available on solar screen fabrics, blackout fabrics and decorative/translucent fabrics up to 98" wide.
  • Printing on metallized SilverScreen available


Logos and Branding

CU Ticket Booth Buff Logo Shades

Insolroll printed shades

Window shades present an opportunity to enhance your company's branding efforts, and make it easier to stand out and be seen in a busy world.

  • Logos
  • Lifestyle and identity images
  • Custom colors that represent your business
  • Facing out in storefront windows
  • Facing in toward customers

Commercial Signage

Printed Shades increase signage options and is generally acceptable with local sign codes
Sun protection for customers inside can make it hard to tell if your business is open- here, printed shades provide a solution. Custom printed Shades increase signage options, and are generally acceptable with local sign codes.

Signage that fits the architecture and tells the story
Signage that fits the architecture and tells the story


  • Identify locations
  • Let your customers know you are open!
  • Product images
  • Directions
  • Hours and information


Custom printed artwork- hide your tv and more!

custom printed shade hides television when not in use with artwork

  • Hide a television or other items
  • For windows or other openings like niches, pass-throughs, etc.

The design possibilities for custom printed window shades are endless!

Custom printed window shades create ambiance at a DIA restaurant.
Aspen trees were printed on these shades as a branding element for the restaurant.

  • Artwork & illustrations
  • Art photographs
  • Family photos
  • Custom patterns
  • Design elements that tie a room together