Patio Sun Shades

Manufactured in Colorado

Patio sun shades and solar shades effectively block the sun from patio and outdoor living areas while still allowing the view. Today’s patio shades are designed to be architecturally pleasing, complementing your home’s exterior as well as providing protection from the sun’s heat and glare, and even golf balls and insects. 4 distinct models of Oasis® Patio Shades provide solutions for patios, pergolas and porches made of wood, brick, stone or stucco, and look good doing it.

Not sure which Oasis Patio Shade model is right for you? Visit our Patio Screen Shade Buying Guide

Oasis 2900 Retractable Patio insect shade on lakeside patioPatio Sun Shades are Perfect for Colorado

Innovative Openings has been making patio shades in the Boulder and Denver area for over 4 decades. Award-winning Oasis® Patio Shades by Insolroll are now sold throughout North America, and still made right in your back yard.

With many front range decks and patios oriented toward western mountain views, providing a shade with both excellent view-through characteristics and protection from the fierce afternoon sun is important to our customers. Shades are designed with side track, cable and bungee hold-down options.


Roll down patio shades provide privacy & golf ball protection

Insolroll Oasis 2900

Solar screen fabrics used in patios are available in an array of openness factors to provide the right glare control and privacy required for every application. Translucent and blackout fabrics offer solutions for privacy and outdoor media viewing. We have Oasis® Patio Shade models that provide protection from the gamut of factors that can stop you from using your patio!

  • Glare protection
  • Heat protection
  • Golf ball protection
  • Insect protection
  • Enhanced privacy

Oasis 2900 Patio Shade

Motorized Outdoor Shades and Controls

Control your shades with the touch of a button or tap of a screen.

Two Motorization Systems

Somfy is a world leader in window and patio shade motorization systems, and with the Tahoma™ Gateway allows app-based control that works with mobile phones and tablets, Amazon Alexa® and Google Home® voice control, and more.

If your home uses Lutron Homeworks, Radio RA2, or Caséta controls, we now offer our Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron™. Our patio shades are available with a Lutron Sivoia QS Electronic Drive Unit for precision control and seamless integration.

Patio Sun Shade Control Systems

Our control systems give you the ultimate flexibility to match your lifestyle.

Multi-channel exterior transmitter

Decoflex single channel black
Single channel wireless wall switch

white multi channel decoflex
Multi-channel wireless wall switch

Somfy Tahoma Scheduling
TaHoma app-based control

Somfy TaHoma Gateway


  • Simple Standalone controls/handheld and wireless wall transmitters
  • Smart Home Integration - Roll up your shades with voice or app control
  • 3rd Party Home Automation System Integration - for both Somfy and Driven by Lutron™ motorization systems offer motorized shade integration solutions for the Lutron, Crestron, Control 4, Savant, Vantage and more.

Patio Sun Shade Fabric Options

Oasis 2800 Patio Shade at Sunset allows better sunset viewing

  • High tech solar fabrics provide multiple levels of protection without blocking the view
    • Solar screen fabrics have precisely controlled characteristics that provide sun control. The fabric openness and color determine each fabric's specific heat, glare and view-through characteristics.
    • All exterior solar fabrics are constructed from materials designed to hold up to the elements, so your shade stays beautiful for years to come.
    • Light colors can match the trim colors of your house, and provide better privacy
    • Dark colors provide the best glare control and view-through.
  • Translucent & Blackout fabrics for privacy
    • Translucent fabrics provide filtered light with no view-through
    • Blackout fabrics block light and view-through

Insolroll patio shades models have specific fabrics compatible with each model. Click images below to view fabric choices for each model.

Oasis 2600 Patio Shades front range view
Oasis 2600 Manual Patio Sun Shades Fabrics

Oasis 2700 Patio Sun Shades
Oasis 2700 Patio Sun Shades with Cable Guide Fabrics

Oasis 2800 patio shade driven by Lutron
Oasis 2800 Large Motorized or Manual Patio Shades Fabrics

Oasis 2900 Retractable Insect Screens block insects in lake side patio
Oasis 2900 Retractable Insect Screen Shades Fabrics

Patio Sun Shade Image Gallery

Patio Sun Shade FAQs

Where are Insolroll shades made?

Insolroll shades are made right next door to us in Louisville, Colorado! They also feature many fabric choices that are woven in the USA.


What are the best ways to shade a patio?

Fully retractable Oasis patio shades provide protection from heat, glare, UV, and golf balls when you need it, but you can also roll them up to enjoy your open-air patio when you don't. With 4 distinct models to fit your particular patio, and fabrics for sun management and view-through, privacy, light-blocking, insects and protection from weather, we've got solutions!


Do patio shades block golf balls?Oasis Golf Ball Protection

They sure do! Insolroll's Oasis 2800 and 2900 patio shades can protect your patio from errant golf balls. When a golf ball strikes the outside of the shade, the force of the impact is spread across fabric panel and the golf ball falls to the ground.


Can you see through patio sun shade fabric?

Yes! Different solar fabrics provide differing levels of view-through related to fabric weave (or openness) and color. Here's a link to our Oasis 2800 fabric options.