Patio Enclosure Shades Keep the Weather Out

Protect your patio furnishings by rolling down acrylic awning fabric with clear vinyl windows. Patio Enclosure Shades are sealed on the sides by a track & zipper system.

Roll-down patio shades provide on-demand enclosure

patio shades with windows enclose covered patios

Make your covered patio or open air restaurant comfortable when the weather turns inclement. Motorized Patio Enclosure Shades can be rolled down with the touch of a switch to make patio areas warmer and dry. Our patio shades made with custom clear vinyl windows provide the outdoor connection even on a rainy day.

Patio Enclosure Shades are available with Sunbrella awning fabric, solar screen fabric, insect screening, or clear vinyl windows.  Some applications may desire a dual shade system that combines a sun or insect screen with a weather tight enclosure shade.

Restaurants can expand seating capacity by enclosing outdoor areas with retractable patio shades

Patio Enclosure Shades for restaurant

Retractable patio enclosures allow restaurants to expand seating to 3 seasons instead of just summer. With the rapidly changing weather in Colorado, shades can be rolled up and down for customer comfort. Allowing restaurants more seating capacity is important for planning food and employee schedules.

All of our patio shade solutions are custom-made to fit any application. We offer two headbox sizes and 5 hardware colors to make shades blend in the any structure when not in use.  Let Innovative Openings show you how to make your patio more comfortable for customers in the spring and fall.