Patio Awnings Keep Summer Shady & Cool

Innovative Openings has been selling patio awnings in Denver and Boulder since 1980.

Have you ever planned a backyard event, only to move indoors because the sun was too hot overhead? Patio awnings add on-demand shade to your patio or porch- there when you need, neatly tucked away when you don’t. Use your patio more, and be comfortable! Motorized options make it even easier- just push a button and get to relaxing!

Retractable patio awnings roll out to provide shade and roll up when you want sun.

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Imagine a colorful fabric awning rolling out on hot sunny days to make your deck or patio more comfortable to eat lunch or entertain guests for dinner. Extend the patio awning up to 13 feet 6 inches for maximum shade or roll out partially if some guests want sun and some want shade.

No other product provides more shade on demand without building some type of shade structure. Providing shade without support poles interfering with patio furniture placement is a big plus for retractable patio awnings. Adding the ability to roll awnings in and out with the touch of a switch, or automatically with wind sensors makes these awnings a popular choice for Denver area homeowners.

Crank and gear manual operation is also an option for smaller retractable patio awnings.

Retractable awnings roll in to protect the fabric

Retracted patio awningThe best way to keep awnings looking great is to protect the fabric from the sun, rain, and dirt by rolling them in when not in use.

3 ways to protect the fabric on a retractable patio awning:

  • Aluminum hood to cover the fabric from the top to keep dirt and snow melt off the fabric
  • Extruded aluminum cassette fully encloses awning for maximum protection
  • Install under an overhang that allow the home to provide a natural cover to protect the fabric.

Protecting the fabric will keep the colors vibrant longer and extend the life of the fabric.  We use the highest quality 100% solution-dyed woven acrylic awning fabric from Sunbrella. Our fabrics include the industry’s best warranty coverage of 10 years against fading, rot, and mildew.

durasol awning fabrics yellow stripes

Sunbrella Awning Fabrics for Today’s Outdoor Living Design

With both updated color palettes and classic combinations, today’s patio awning fabrics are fresh and fashionable, created with modern home and outdoor living design in mind. Acrylic base fabric 100% solution-dyed to prevent fading or running, our awning fabrics are available in a rainbow array of stripes and solids.