Patio Shades & Patio Awnings

Patio shades and awnings provide on-demand shade for patios, decks, pergolas and more. Stay cool and enjoy your patio space more with shade to protect you from heat, glare and harmful UV rays. Zipper Shades and enclosures can even offer protection from bugs and the elements.

Whether your patio or porch has an overhead structure or not, patio shades and patio awnings can make all the difference when it comes to using your outdoor space when you want to. Overhead shade from a patio awning that retracts when not needed provides protection from the midday sun. We have patio awnings that work over an existing structure, with their own structure, or where no structure exists at all. For morning and afternoon sun, patio sun shades provide protection from glare and heat (as well as golf balls!), and zipper system insect shades provide added protection from mosquitoes and insect borne illnesses.

Durasol retractable awning deck patio

Retractable patio awnings: On-demand shade for comfort and versatility

Expand your living space and make your deck or patio usable on hot summer days. Innovative Openings has been selling lateral arm style patio awnings for three decades.

  • Lateral Arm Awnings: no structure required
  • Pinnacle One Structure Awnings: creates its own structure
  • Pinnacle Structure Awnings: For pergolas, gazebos and other structures
Motorized Patio Sun Shades

Patio Shades Are Our Specialty

Innovative Openings has specialized in manufacturing high quality exterior patio shades and deck shading solutions since 1980.

  • Solar or Translucent Patio Shades: Keep your view or enhance your privacy
  • Water resistant fabrics
  • Track, cable and bungee systems
Oasis solar retractable insect shades

Zipper Track Patio Shades Seal out Bugs and the Sun

Retractable solar screen and insect screening can be made with a zipper seal. This is not a zipper that the user zips, but rather the zipper is captured automatically by the side track when the shade rolls down. The top and bottom are also sealed when the shade is fully lowered.

  • Oasis® 2900 Retractable Insect Screen
  • Phantom Executive Screen
roll down shades enclose patio

Patio Enclosure Shades

Zipper captured shades with or without transparent inserts extend the comfortable use of your patio earlier into the spring and later into the fall.

  • Oasis® Patio Enclosure Shades
  • Sunesta Patio Enclosure Shades
  • Water resistant fabrics


energy saving window awnings

Window Awnings

Window awnings make a stylish, graceful curb appeal statement. They stop sun before it enters your home, and are full retractable


Block the sun and not the view

Exterior Window Shades

Oasis® Exterior Window Shades stop the sun’s heat, glare and UV before it enters your home. Keep your home cooler and visually comfortable while protecting your home’s interior and furnishings.