Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Window Shades

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Value-focused sheer shades bring UV protection, views, and privacy to your space while transforming the light you live in. Smart AND beautiful.

Horizontal Window Treatments, Elevated

Hunter Douglas Nantucket Window Shade's 3” fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabric facings, creating a warm, diffused-light effect.

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Nantucket Function

Nantucket's functionality offers privacy when you need it and a view when you want it.

  • Transform harsh sunlight
  • Provide UV protection
  • Enhance natural daylighting
  • Preserve outside views
  • Secure daytime privacy
  • Reflect solar heat

Nantucket Design Options

  • Specialty Shapes: Non-operable arches and angles.
  • Tilt-Only: For narrow sidelights tilt-only shades remain in a lowered position and do not roll up but vanes can tilt open or closed.
  • Magnetic Hold-Down Brackets: Secure bottom for French doors and sidelights
  • Palette Fabric-Covered Headrail: Match your shade fabric for consistency


Also available with A Deux™ two-in-one roller

Nantucket is also available with a Deux two-in-one roller system provides the dual benefits of light-filtering and room-darkening options for any room.

  • A Deux Translucent Position: Back shade can be raised into headrail
  • A Deux Combination Position: Back shade can be independently positioned in window to provide controlled light and view
  • A Deux Room-Darkening Position: Completely lowered, back shade provides room-darkening versus light-dimming option

Nantucket Fabrics

Beautiful, casual fabric between sheers to soften, warm, and diffuse light.

Fabrics for 3 light control options

Translucent fabric vanes

When closed, translucent vanes allow sunlight to gently filter through the fabric to fill the room with a warm glow. There is no view-through when vanes are closed, allowing privacy.

When vanes are open, sheer fabric panels provide softened light and view-through.


Hunter Douglas Nantucket Sheer shades with light-dimming fabric


Light-dimming fabric vanes block most, but not all, of the light entering the room to create a tranquil environment. There is no view-through when vanes are closed, allowing privacy.

When vanes are open, sheer fabric panels provide softened light and view-through.


A-Deux™ Room Darkening

Hunter Douglas A Deux Room Darkening Nantucket Shade

The combination of a translucent shading and a room-darkening roller shade in a single headrail provides both light-filtering and room-darkening options in one window treatment.

For room darkening, close fabric vanes without view-through for added privacy. Leave roller shade in up position.

For softened light and view-through, open fabric vanes and leave roller shade in up position.

For room darkening without view-through, close fabric vanes and lower roller shade.


Deflecting the sun's heat

Exterior white vanes and sheers reflect the most heat from the sun, helping keep interiors cool

Hunter Douglas Nantucket Sunscreen Shadings in Loft living room

Nantucket Sunscreen Privacy Shadings

Hunter Douglas' innovative feature a back panel screen fabric that combines the open look of a screen shade with the functionality of a shading.


Let us bring the fabric samples to you!

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Nantucket Operating SystemsPower View Controls


Hunter Douglas' innovative operating system allows you to move your shades according to schedules you set– day or night, whether you're home or away.

  • Operate with tablet or smartphone
  • Operate with sleek Pebble® Remote, available in a wide range of colors
  • Integrates with smart-home systems (3rd party home automation systems) for premium convenience

UltraGlide® Operating System

  • Eliminates cords hanging into window opening
  • New UltraGlide retractable wand provides strength, flexibility and enhanced safety
  • Soft-touch coated to create a softened look while the teardrop-shaped tassel provides the perfect ergonomic operation


Eliminates exposed cords- perfect for any application with small children present.

  • Cordless system for windows you can reach
  • Easiest operating system to use. Push the bottom rail of the shade up by hand or pull it down to the desired location
  • No dangling cords or cord loops


Battery-powered system controlled by a wand with a single pull or push.


  • Continuous cord loop
  • Easy operation even on larger shades
  • Cord tensioner mounts to frame for child safety


Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Detailing Options

  • Vane sizes: 3"
  • Duotone™ white back sheer and vane deliver a clean, consistent look to the exterior of a home
  • Wide selection of fabric colors and textures
  • Available in a Deux™ two-in-one roller system for light-filtering and room-darkening options

Product Information

Downloadable Installation, Operation, & Care documents from Hunter Douglas here.


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