Innovative Openings has phased out of the Rolling Shutter business

Innovative Openings has made adjustments to our business model to focus on our core window covering and awning product lines. The toughest decision that we had to make to implement involved our Exterior Rolling Shutters. We have seen this product line evolve from a light-duty European-style PVC Rolling to heavy-duty aluminum security shutters over the past 41 years. We will continue to support our current rolling shutter customers, but not take on new rolling shutter customers.

Innovative Openings will honor any outstanding rolling shutter warranty and service.

If you have our rolling shutters on your home or business and you are the original purchaser, we will continue to service your rolling shutters as we have in the past. Please understand that exterior rolling shutters 15 years and older may be difficult to fully support due to limited part availability.


Recommended Suppliers for New Rolling Security Shutter Projects

If you are not a current Innovative Openings customer and are looking to purchase new rolling shutters for your home or business, we have listed some potential suppliers that we have known over the years for you to consider.