Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters

Hunter Douglas logo 2016Create a beachy ambiance with Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters made from Hunter Douglas’ durable Polysatin material. Perfect for Colorado’s extreme temperatures.

Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters kitchen door window

Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters

Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters have the look of a finely-painted shutter, and are made with Hunter Douglas' innovative, durable, and UV-resistant Polysatin material. They are made to take the heat of a Colorado summer.

Palm Beach Promise™

Hunter Douglas is so confident in the durability of its Polysatin polymer that they offer a lifetime guarantee that your Palm Beach shutters will never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel, or discolor.

Water Resistant

The unique Polysatin compound is resistant to moisture and mildew, so Palm Beach shutters work very well in damp or humid spaces.

Duralux™ Finish

Hunter Douglas' special treatment creates the look of a finely painted shutter with a matte finish on all of its Palm Beach shutters Polysatin colors.

Built to Last

Interior aluminum bracing and resin blocks add superior strength.


The only motorized shutter on the market! Learn more

Louver Sizes

  • 2 ½"
  • 3 ½"
  • 4 ½"

Palm Beach Color Options

Hunter Douglas' durable vinyl shutters are available in 3 designer white colors designed to coordinate with any décor. They also coordinate with Hunter Douglas' Whole House Solution™ for horizontal and vertical window treatments.

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin vinyl shutters warm whiteHunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin vinyl shutters bright whiteHunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin vinyl shutters cool white


Hunter Douglas Whole House Solution whites
Whole House Solution™ allows you to coordinate your Palm Beach Shutters with other Hunter Douglas window treatments.

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Palm Beach Shutters Operating Systems

Operating system choices to match your taste and your lifestyle.

Choose from shutters that close tightly in the upward position or shutters that offer a tight up or down closure, and six operating system styles.

Standard Hinged PanelsStandard hinged shutter operation

Classic hinged panels allow fresh air to flow through your space. With the benefits of working shutters, standard hinged panels allow you to fully swing your windows open since the shutters are attached to a frame or window opening with a hinge.

  • For wider openings, extra vertical supports called T-posts can be built into the shutter frame so additional panels can be added.

T-posts in the center of the opening allow for more design possibilities


HiddenTilt™Hidden tilt shutter operation

  • Enjoy an unobstructed view with the HiddenTilt operating system.
  • No external tilt bar
  • Invisible operation! Gear system enclosed inside the panel.
  • Operates all the louvers in unison when one is tilted


TruView™ Rear Tilttruview rear tilt shutter operation

For minimalist design appeal and functionality...

  • Lets you open and close your shutters by simply tilting one louver to the desired position, and the rest will follow
  • Low profile tilt bar discreetly integrated into the back of the shutter for a sleek contemporary look


Bi-Fold TrackPalm Beach Polysatin Shutters kitchen door window

Perfect for large windows with beautiful views, the Bi-Fold Track system features hinged-together panels connected to a top track. The top track supports the panels and guides their folding movement so you can open them wide to enjoy your view to the fullest

  • Allows up to 6 panels to be hinged together
  • Can be configured on a track to accommodate large windows or sliding glass doors.


Bypass TrackNewStyle shutters sliding glass door

The Bypass Track option allows very smooth operation. Shutters panels slide past each other without interruption, and open in the same direction as your patio door.

  • Bypass Open Louver system options allows louvers to remain open while sliding or stacking to maximize your view
  • Perfect for sliding glass doors


Front Tilt BarFront tilt bar shutter operation

A single bar attached to the front of the shutters allows for easy operation.

  • Available on all Hunter Douglas shutters
  • Tilt bar connects the louvers allowing them to be operated in unison for light control and privacy.

PowerView™ Motorized System

Palm Beach shutters with PowerView are the only motorized shutter on the market, for large and hard-to-reach windows, or just for your convenience!

PowerView Pebble Remotes

  • Perfect for hands-free louver operation
  • Exclusive override feature also allows for manual operation; simply move tghe louvers by hand without worrying about damaging the motor.
  • Wireless control for motorized operating system
  • Control and schedule your Hunter Douglas shutters from your smartphone, tablet or a remote control
  • Cordless operation
    • operate with your smartphone or tablet using the PowerView app
    • operate with 2 types of remote controls
      • Pebble Remote Control with up to six different groupings of window treatments, either individually or together
      • Pebble Scene Controller- Conveniently preview and select room "scenes"- different combinations of shades and shade positions that you've previously programmed using the PowerView App.
    • User-friendly, easy to program operation via Hunter Douglas' new PowerView system

Shutter Frame Options

With extensive frame options and combinations you can customize your shutters to reflect your homes design aesthetic from Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary.

Standard Z-FrameClassic Z-FrameModern Z-FrameDeluxe CasingModern z-frame with sillClassic Z-frame with sillStandard Z-frame with standard sillStandard Colonial Z-frameStandard decorative z-frameStandard L-frame inside mountStandard L-frame outside mountStandard deluxe casinghang strip to the sideDecorative z-frameColonial z-frame with sill

Specialty Shape Options

Heritance continuous framed arch
Continuous framed arch

Heritance Outside mount framed arch
Outside mount framed arch

Heritance framed arch
Framed arch


Specialty Shapes and Applications*

  • Arches
  • Angles
  • Trapezoids
  • Hexagons, Octagons
  • Circles, Ovals
  • Bay and Corner Windows
  • Patio and Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Cut-outs

*Limitations and restrictions may apply. Contact Innovative Openings for more details.


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