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Horizontal Metal Blinds. Timeless. Simple. Classic.



Horizontal metal blinds

Macro-blinds and mini-blinds

Celebrity, Décor, Natural Elements, Reveal

  • Extensive color & texture selection
  • Soil and dust resistant
  • Wood valance options
  • Exclusive alloy designed to retain its shape even without gentle treatment
  • PowerTilt remote control tilt system available (press a button!)
  • LiteRise cordless lift system available (simply move the bottom rail to raise and lower)
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Excellent UV Protection


Macro Metal Blinds

A dramatic and timeless look for large windows

  • 2" slats
  • Beautiful tape choices to cover cording
  • Standard deLight™ feature covers cord holes and blocks 50% more light

Natural Elements™ Blinds

  •  2" aluminum slats
  • Real Wood Valances, bottom rails, tassels and tilt wands
  • Standard deLight™ feature hides cord holes and blocks light for better light control
  • Optional MagnaView® feature reveals twice the view of an ordinary horizontal blind and increasing incoming light.

Elements metal blinds finishes and details

Wood blind valance detail contemporary

wood blind valance detail traditional



Reveal with MagnaView™

  • Designed to allow twice the view-through as standard 2" slat blinds
  • Lets in more natural light

Lightlines horizontal metal blinds living roomLightlines blinds by Hunter Douglas

  • Widest range of colors and finishes in Hunter Douglas metal blinds
  • 1/2" and 1" slats
  • Standard deLight™ feature hides cord holes to maximize light control and privacy
  • Integrated headrails
  • Optional wood valance
  • PowerTilt™ remote control tilt option