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Window Quilt Insulated Shades

Our cord-in-track seal dramatically cuts airflow around the shade’s sides while pressure seals close off the top and bottom. This is vitally important in blocking infiltration of warm or cold air. Conventional shades and draperies, even so-called insulating shades, do not approach the effectiveness of Window Quilt.

window quilt layers for insulation
heat saving loss benefit window quilt shade insulation


Glass is an excellent conductor of heat. That’s why your windows feel much colder than your walls in winter. It’s also why moisture condenses on your windows in winter, causing those unsightly water stains and promoting premature rot.


Because warm air rises and cold air falls, windows, especially those with conventional window treatments, can actually set up a flow of cold air in your room. Window Quilts block these drafts completely, because they seal the window on all four sides and contain an air tight inner layer.


Window Quilt’s four way seal stops all air passing through leaky or ill-fitting windows.


This is the loss of warmth to the outside in winter, and what is known as solar gain in the summer. Solar radiation is the main contributor to warming your house in summer months. Window Quilts block this energy from escaping in the winter and entering in the summer.

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