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Innovative Openings has specialized in all types of window coverings since 1980. From blinds to shutters, solar shades to other window treatment ideas, our original focus in energy conserving window treatments has evolved into the largest selection of window coverings available in the Colorado market. We offer complete turn-key service (including design assistance, measuring, installation, and project management) for homeowners, businesses, and the design trade.

Large selection of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades!


High R-value Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades


Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades


Hunter Douglas 2″ Classics Wood Blinds


Retractable Deck and Patio Awnings for every application

Patio Awnings and Patio Shades for outdoor lifestyle

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We are gearing up for the Patio Awning Season with some of the newest and most dynamic patio awning and shade solutions available.  If you would to see more, visit our showroom in Louisville, Colorado.  Shop and compare the quality of our patio awnings on full-size displays.

Manufacturer of Insolroll® Solar Screen Shades & Blackout Shades


Solar Shades for Glare Control


Commercial blackout shades

Innovative Openings’ manufacturing division, Insolroll Window Shading Systems makes all of our Solar Screen & Blackout Shade products.

Controlling the manufacturing process allow us to provide the highest quality available and meet tight construction schedules.


Winner of Boulder County Gold “Best Place to Buy Window Treatments” for 10 straight years!


Innovative Openings offers complete measuring and installation service across the Colorado front range and mountain resort areas, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Vail, & Aspen.

Interior Products
Exterior Products

Introducing ioPRO: We work with your design & building professionals like no one else!

At Innovative Openings, we're so excited we can barely contain ourselves. Why? We are introducing our new design trade program, ioPRO. It's no secret that Innovative Openings has been the choice of design professionals for over 30 years, and ioPRO pulls together our experience, our connections and our best motorized products. We have connected all of the dots to optimize your window treatment or outdoor shading project, for a result beyond your wildest dreams!   You've got the whole team behind you. We have developed a team of four of our most knowledgeable people, who focus on what building and design professionals need. Because they all have design chops of their own, they can enhance your experience with a designer, builder, electrician, lighting control company, trim a...

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Why buy blinds locally from Innovative Openings in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins? The real value story…

In our fast paced society, sometimes it feels hard to justify getting up and going down to a showroom, or having someone out to the house to buy a product for your home. There are tempting alternatives in online sellers, but is this really the way to buy window treatments? At Innovative Openings, we believe the answer is no, and in order to back up that conviction, we want to share where we believe the value really is in buying from us. Design and measuring [caption id="attachment_600" align="alignright" width="218"] Arch Design[/caption] No matter where you buy your blinds, measuring to get them right is... tricky. There's a lot to know, and a lot that can go wrong. Outside mounts, inside mounts, deductions or no deductions, very high, hard to reach windows, and just plain lack of ex...

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Get in the Flow: Hunter Douglas Makes it Easy with Counterparts®!

by Kim Newby for Innovative Openings If you hang around with designers much, you'll hear them talking about "flow". We don't always know when we see it, but we sure know when we feel it... as human beings, we like reference points. We like elements to be repeated. We like to have some expectations met, while other elements surprise us. Flow can happen in a room, or in an entire house. It can come from colors, materials, or shades, and it moves you effortlessly from one space to another. Some people worry about being "matchy, matchy" so much that they forgo related elements that create flow, and their spaces can become ruled by chaotic energy. Calm things down a little... don't shy away from all "matching"... think of it as "rhythm" instead. "Flow" in Window Treatments; get it even with...

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QMI Security Screens- Hammer bashing and a little peace of mind

by Kim Newby for Innovative Openings We had a little treat behind the scenes at Innovative Openings yesterday, in a visit from the QMI people and a demonstration of the strength and capabilities of their security screen product. How strong is this screen? When you see this screen, granted, it looks heavy duty, but what really counts is what you don't see immediately- its strength and ability to thwart the efforts of someone trying to break through the screen. I shot a little video of our own Tim Royer taking a hammer to the QMI Security Screen to bust through. It's a real hammer, and a real QMI screen, and as the rep says, Tim doesn't hold back. He whacks it several times with the hammer, and we don't even see a hole. There are some dents, or impressions of the hammer's head, I gu...

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Patio Shades and the Plants that Love Them

Creating Some Shade Opens up Planting Possibilities! We always think just the opposite, right? Plants need sun! Truthfully, though, when you think of lush tropical plants, many of them need filtered light in order to thrive. When you shade your patio, you are opening up worlds of possibility for patio plants in containers. I like to bring some bigger houseplants outside in the summer, but I learned the hard way that too much sun is even more deadly for some plants than it is for your skin. One summer, I burned the leaves of my beautiful rubber plant when I brought it out onto the deck under the bright and hot direct Colorado sun- lesson learned! Greenery That Loves Filtered Light Adds Lushness Some people think that adding patio shades will limit the plants they are able to grow on a pa...

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Make Your Patio More Like a Tropical Lanai with a Phantom Door Screen

by Kim Newby for Innovative Openings Now is the time everyone is itching to fling open doors and windows and let the nice weather and fresh air come in. Some days we're getting gorgeous, mild weather, and then there are days like today... rain turning to snow in the typical Colorado early spring fashion. (Okay, late winter, if you are reading the calendar). [caption id="attachment_6533" align="alignright" width="301"] A pretty typical tropical lanai in Hawaii, where the ocean breezes keep the bugs away and no screen is needed- alas, no ocean in Colorado![/caption] A Colorado Lanai? Not as impossible as you think. In tropical parts of the world, the lanai, an extension of the living space into the outdoors, is the norm, but we don't often think about this so far from the equator. Ho...

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