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Insolroll Solar Screen Shades

Designed to control natural light, solar screen shades provide glare protection while still maintaining a connection with the outdoors.  Insolroll is the manufacturing division of Innovative Openings, Inc.

Solar screen shades block the sun, not the view!

Natural weave Insolroll solar shades living room
Insolroll Solar Screen Shades are made in Louisville, Colorado


Insolroll Solar Screen Shades are perfect for residential applications

  • Live and work comfortably
  • Reduce glare and heat
  • Reduce UV rays to protect your skin, eyes, furnishings and finishes
  • No "closed-in" feeling
  • Excellent views to the outside

Innovative Openings' customers love solar screen shades on west facing windows with great mountain views.

"My shades are great! Normally I would not have even put shades up, but I have intense south-western sun. They cut down on the glare and heat, but I still have my view."

A.C., Basalt, CO

Solar shades provide glare control for commercial applications without creating a closed in feeling

Insolroll Solar Screen Shades provide glare control for conference roomPerfect for hospitals and healthcare, schools and universities, office and conference rooms, hospitality , restaurants and retail stores.

Solar screen shades enhance building performance

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced cooling costs
  • Daylighting- decreased need for artificial light
  • Increased durability
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Safe operation and reduced risk
  • Connection to the outdoors & increased worker and customer satisfaction

How solar screen shades work

How solar screen shades work diagram

Insolroll® Solar Screen Shades utilize a fabric mesh that reflects and absorb the harsh sunlight, blocking up to 97% of glare and ultraviolet rays. These PVC coated solar fabrics are incredibly durable and easy to clean.

  • Solar shade fabrics are woven to precise standards
  • Openness, or "density"- the amount of surface area of the fabric left open affects both view-through and performance
  • 3% - 10% openness fabrics provide excellent levels of view-through in combination with excellent levels of solar performance
  • Dark colored fabrics provide more glare reduction and better view-through
  • Light colored fabrics provide more heat reduction and diffuse interior light.
  • High performance fabrics provide excellent glare and heat reduction as well as excellent view-through regardless of color.

Innovative Openings offers complete measuring and installation service across the Colorado front range and mountain resort areas, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Vail, & Aspen.

Operator options for Insolroll Solar Screen Shades

insolroll solar shade operators

Insolroll® Solar Shades can be operated very simply, with a child-safe manual clutch and bead chain operator, by sophisticated home automation systems, and the whole spectrum in between. For large and high shades, or for those without the ability to lift, motorized shades provide the answer.

  • Child-safe manual clutch operation
  • Cordless spring roller operation
  • Simple motorization and control by switches or remotes
  • Wireless control of shades with iOS or Android devices
  • Switching  by 3rd party lighting control or building management system


Fixed Skylight Shades & Angle Top Shades

Skylight Shades

Overhead window skylight solar shade
Skylights and overhead glass are a popular design feature in large buildings.


Skylights can allow enough heat gain into a big or small space to make it uncomfortably hot and bright. Fixed solar screen shades are the clear solution:

  • Daylighting
  • Atmosphere/ambiance
  • Control heat and glare
  • Protect skin, eyes and furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • Leave the view and connection to the outside

residential skylight with fixed solar screen shade
Residential skylight solar shades provide an easy solution to a hot problem.


  • Solar Shades are a low-cost alternative to expensive overhead shading systems for some of the hardest windows to treat
  • Maintain the connection to the outdoors
  • Spring tension rods secure fixed solar shades, making them easily removable for cleaning or if more sunlight is desired for heat gain in the winter months.

Fixed Angle Top Shades (Trapezoid Solar Shades)

country club trapezoid fixed window shades
Trapezoid and triangle shaped windows provide not only architectural interest, but also frame beautiful views. Fixed solar screen shades block glare and UV rays without taking away those views

Trapezoid window solar shades

Solar screen shade fabric options

solar screen fabric collection


At Innovative Openings, we feature a large selection of solar screen shade fabrics, with varying technical qualities that control the sun's glare, heat and UV rays.

  • Wide selection of solar screen colors and patterns
  • Natural Weave fabrics with the look of woven grasses and other natural materials and the performance of solar screen
  • High Performance fabrics with maximum sun control performance regardless of color, featuring SilverScreen reflective silver backing and KOOLBLACK™ Technology.
  • Environmentally friendly GREEN fabrics.  PVC free and recyclable.

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