Insolroll Solar Screen Shades

Block the sun not the view.

Designed to control natural light, solar screen shades provide glare protection while still maintaining a connection with the outdoors.  Insolroll is the manufacturing division of Innovative Openings, Inc.

Standout Features

  • Smart control options
  • Wire-free motor option
  • Energy-efficient
  • View-through
  • Live and work comfortably without feeling “closed-in”
  • Reduce heat, glare, and UV rays to protect your skin, eyes, furnishings and finishes
  • Excellent views to the outside


Solar screen shades block the sun, not the view!

Insolroll Solar Screen Shades are made in Louisville, Colorado, and are perfect for residential applications.

Insolroll Solar screens can cool down any room while keeping them looking great
Heat Control
Insolroll Solar Screen Shades for Glare Control
Glare Control
Insolroll Battery Motors
UV Control

How solar screen shades work

Insolroll® Solar Screen Shades utilize a fabric mesh that reflects and absorb the harsh sunlight, blocking up to 97% of glare and ultraviolet rays. These PVC coated solar fabrics are incredibly durable and easy to clean.

  • Solar shade fabrics are woven to precise standards
  • Openness, or “density”– the amount of surface area of the fabric left open affects both view-through and performance
  • 3% – 10% openness fabrics provide excellent levels of view-through in combination with excellent levels of solar performance

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How solar screen shades work diagram

Dark-colored fabrics

  • Better glare reduction
  • Clearer view-through

Light-colored fabrics

Insolroll Solar screens can cool down any room while keeping them looking great
  • Better heat reduction
  • Diffused light

High Performance fabrics

SilverScreen High Performance solar screen fabric
  • Excellent glare and heat reduction in every color
  • Excellent view-through in every color

Solar shades for commercial applications

Solar screen shades enhance commercial building energy performance and provide glare control without a closed-in feeling.

They are perfect for hospitals and healthcare, schools and universities, office and conference rooms, hospitality , restaurants and retail stores.

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced cooling costs
  • Daylighting- decreased need for artificial light
  • Increased durability
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Safe operation and reduced risk
  • Connection to the outdoors & increased worker and customer satisfaction
Insolroll Solar Screen Shades provide glare control for conference room

Innovative Openings offers complete measuring and installation service across the Colorado front range and mountain resort areas, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Vail, & Aspen.


Insolroll Solar Fabric Collection

Click here to see all Insolroll interior fabrics!

Insolroll offers a wide selection of solar screen fabric colors and patterns.

Textured Solar Fabrics

  • Diverse, textured weave patterns
  • The look of linen, woven grasses, and other natural materials
  • Solar performance

High Performance Fabrics

SilverScreen High Performance solar screen fabric
  • SilverScreen® metallized fabric reflects both glare and heat in all colors with excellent view-through
  • KOOLBLACK® Technology solar fabric by Mermet–innovative fabric designed to reflect away more of the sun’s near infrared rays, which cause heat. Back side of fabric is dark colored for a cleaner look from the outside, and matches colors from Insolroll’s  Equinox solar screen fabric.

Environmentally friendly GREEN fabrics

Shades of Green
  • PVC-free fabric choices
  • Fabric choices made from recycled materials
  • Recyclable fabrics

Let us bring the fabric samples to you – arrange your free personalized in-home appointment now!

Rather get a personal in-person Design Studio consultation with the whole studio to yourself? Make an appointment online with our consultant in our Louisville Design Studio. You’ll have the whole studio to yourself!

Operation & Control

Insolroll makes operating your Roller Shades easy and convenient, with 7 options available to suit your lifestyle.

  • Traditional Clutch & Bead Chain system for simple, easy lifting
  • Decorative Clutch SELECT system with easy clutch lifting and decorative exposed hardware finishes
  • Twin Pull SELECT system with dual wands to raise and lower the shade
  • Quiet Spring Roller system to operate shades with a gentle tug
  • Cordless SELECT system for single tug operation and decorative hardware finishes
  • Wireless battery-powered motorization
  • Wired motorization

Insolroll Motorized Shade Control Options

somfy situo radio remote
Handheld remote controls & wireless wall switches
App-based mobile device control
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Gen 4 voice control for shades
Voice control
IO motorized blinds and shades large integrated control system
Whole-home automation control

Detailing Options

Exposed Roller Options

In some applications, an exposed roller and operator is just what the design calls for. Designers often use this approach in lofts and spaces with a very urban, minimalist, or industrial design scheme.

Insolroll Clutch operated exposed roll shade in bathroom window
Insolroll exposed roller shade
  • Manual Operator Exposed Roller Shades feature visible roller, brackets and clutch, cordless, or twin pull operators.
  • Decorative SELECT Operator Shades feature visible roller with decorative brackets, available in 11 designer finishes.
  • Motorized Exposed Roller Shades feature designer-grade brackets and end caps to create a simple, unified and finished appearance.

Decorative Hardware for Exposed Roller Shades

Insolroll Decorative SELECT Shades bring a sleek, clean-lined and contemporary look to any window. Available in 11 designer finishes with complementary ball chain colors for clutch operation, Innovative Openings has a look to complement your home.

  • 6 Metal Finishes
  • 5 Matte Finishes
Insolroll decorative hardware roller shade
color options

3″ and 4″ Fascia

Insolroll’s Fascia System protects fabric when it is retracted and conceals the roller for a more clean-lined appearance than the exposed roller option. Fascia creates architectural detail, and can either blend in or stand out in your design scheme. Available inside or outside mount.

  • Black
  • White
  • Vanilla
  • Bronze
  • Clear Anodized (Silver)
Fascia with side tracks clear anodized

Fabric Wrapped Cassette

For roller shades within the appropriate size range, Insolroll’s 3″ or 4″ cassette protects and conceals the roller and fabric in an attractive, compact case which can be covered on the front face of the cassette in the matching shade fabric. Available in black or white.

Insolroll Black Cassette roller cover fabric wrapped

Fabric Wrapped Peak Valance

The Peak Valance seamlessly blend style, functionality, and innovation, offering a new level of sophistication and versatility in window coverings. With the option to have a metal painted valance or fabric-wrapped, finding the right aesthetic is easier than ever!

Medium Size: 4″ approximate height

Large Size: 4 3/4″ approximate height

Insolroll Peak Valance in white fabric-wrapped inside mount
Matching fabric-covered top treatments

All Insolroll Roller Shades meet current Child safety Regulation Requirements.

child safety label

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