CR Laurence Stainless Steel Screen Security Doors

CR Laurence Security Screen Doors allow ventilation while providing high resistance to forced entry. Stainless steel security screens are used for entry doors, patio doors, and french door applications.

Security screen doors for entry doors, french doors, and patio doors

Guarda commercial security screen door

CR Laurence Security Screen Doors are designed to protect every door in your home or business. These doors utilize heavy duty stainless steel security mesh and a heavy duty door frame.

All CR Laurence doors are custom made to fit your front door, back door, patio door, or french door perfectly. With 9 frame colors, these security screen doors will blend right in with your existing door.

Open door for ventilation and security screen door keep our intruders

Open your door for ventilation and keep it locked for peace of mind

CR Laurence's powder coated stainless steel security mesh looks like normal insect screening, but performs at a totally different level.  No bars are needed for security, just tough stainless steel screening.  No other door products provides so much ventilation and a high degree of security.

Durable stainless steel screening will also hold up to aggressive dogs who tear up normal screening annually in many households.

CR Laurence Security Doors are loaded with quality features

  • High resistance to forced entry
  • Multiple door types and configurations

CR Laurence Security Door Features

Security Screen Door Colors
Frame colors

  1. High tensile, black powder-coated 316 marine grade stainless steel security mesh
  2. Stainless steel, heavy-duty riveted hinges
  3. Adjustable side hinge channel and optional door jamb extender
  4. Adjustable bottom channel and vinyl sweep
  5. Top latch of the Multi-point Security Latching System
  6. Center latch, lock and handle of the Multi-point Security Latching System
  7. Bottom latch of the Multi-point Security Latching System
  8. Heavy duty door frame available in 9 colors




Intruder protection

Security door handle child family security

CR Laurence Security Door outswing with triple lock mechanism
Protect your home and business from burglars, flying debris, and insects

  • Provides a tough barrier to unlawful entry
  • Stainless Steel Security Doors discourage intruders with tough locking stainless steel doors
  • Allow homeowners to leave their primary door open for ventilation
  • Provide home owners ease of use, entry, and exit
  • Protects against airborne intruders like flies, mosquitos and wasps
  • Protects agains flying debris during wind storms
  • Protects against errant golf balls

Feel safe in your home while allowing air flow through any door in the home.

Protective security screens for all types of doors

Stainless Screen French Door

French door security screens

CR Laurence has designed specialized hardware for every door application. French doors can be problematic to provide insect screens. The CR Laurence solution fits perfectly and enhances security on a vulnerable door type.


patio door security screen- sliding door
Patio door security screens

Patio secuity screen doors can be produced with a single screen replacing existing screen door or built as two screens to cover the entire door. For ventilation with locking security, a single security screen door is the answer. For golf ball protection or maximum security, 2 panels protects both glass panels.


Stainless Screen Security Door- swing style
Entry door security screens

Custom-made screen doors can be made swing in or swing out and are handed to match your existing door. Each security door comes with a heavy-duty extruded frame to match and mounts onto your existing trim or jamb

CR Laurence Security Doors undergo and pass stringent testing to ensure performance

CR Laurence security door testing

  • Dynamic Impact Test - Test comprises a heavy 92 lb bag swung to impact the mesh and repeated 5 times
  • Knife Shear Test- knife used to simulate an attack on mesh with a force of 33 lbs. Test repeated 3 times with no failure.
  • Jimmy Test -simulate forced entry by intruder using implement to pry open doors or break locks and hinges
  • Salt Spray Test - Passed accelerated climate machine test that simulates 10 years time passage