Window Quilt Insulated Shades- the Original!

Please note that Innovative Openings no longer carries Window Quilt Insulated Shades. Please visit for more information.

Window Quilt with valance

Window Quilt Insulated Shades Keep Your Home More Comfortable All Year Long

Window Quilt’s four way seal stops all air passing through leaky or ill-fitting windows. Dramatically cutting airflow around the shade’s sides while pressure seals close off the top and bottom is vitally important in blocking infiltration of warm or cold air. Window Quilt insulating shades are simply the most effective product available.

  • Side tracks eliminate air infiltration and drafts
  • Retains inside heat in winter
  • Blocks 99% of solar radiation and resulting heat gain in summer
  • Eliminates window condensation
  • Independently certified efficiency
  • Cuts outside noise by one third
  • Lower heating and cooling costs!


Window Quilt Insulated Shade

Stay warmer in the winter

During the colder months, warm air inside the house can be lost through the window opening. Window Quilt blocks this energy from escaping, keeping the warmth inside.

Stay cooler in the summer with Window Quilt

This is what is known as solar heat gain, in the warmer months, solar radiation is the main contributor to warming your house. Window Quilts block this energy from entering in the summer, reducing cooling costs during the season in which energy usage is traditionally at its highest.

Available in light-filtering and room-darkening.