Motorized Shades

Motorization of window shades has never been easier.

Simplified wiring and wireless motor solutions have allowed motorization to improve building energy efficiency, control glare, and offer total light control.

Motorized Shading Functions

Motorized window shades, awnings and patio shades have clear benefits- they are convenient, easy to operate, and present countless possibilities for lifestyle enhancement. Motorized shades combine clean-lined design with easy operation, lifestyle control options, and the ultimate in child-safe operation. Raise and lower at the touch of a button or tap of a screen. Some options offer top-down bottom-up functionality, and some offer quiet and virtually silent motor operation.

Nearly every window treatment and patio shading solution we sell can be motorized at the simple, app-based, and integrated levels.

Motorized Window Shades by Insolroll

Solar Screen Shades great room with view

Window shade motorization is no longer just the future of window treatments–it is the now. Motorized shades bring the efficiency, safety, convenience and personalization to window treatment control so important to today's living. Innovative Openings offers:

Q: Can I use my phone to control my shades?

A: Yes. Choosing app-based control options like TaHoma or PowerView allow you to control with your smart phone or tablet.

Q: Can I get motorized shades in my existing home?

A: Yes. Innovative Openings offers battery motors that do not require adding wiring to your existing home.