Exterior Rolling Shutters

Exterior rolling shutters go by many names: roll up shutters, European window shutters, wind control shutters, exterior storm shades… whatever you call them, exterior rolling shutters can provide additional security and peace of mind.

Rolling shutters add value and privacy to your home

Rolling shutters offer multi-functional home protection. As an exterior roll up shutter, they can shield the glass in your windows from debris in a storm with high winds, golf balls, and sun that would strike the surface and heat up the window.  When rolled down, you have privacy, protection and room darkening but can still enjoy ventilation

Where exterior aluminum rolling shutters really stand apart is in the added security they afford, locking when rolled down and blocking direct access to the window, deterring vandals and wildlife. Home security shutters are a perfect solution for closing up a Colorado mountain vacation home for the off-season, keeping out bears and burglars alike, especially if the property is remote. This added security is also an excellent option for homeowners who travel frequently. Because of all these benefits, exterior rolling shutters also enhance not only your home’s resale value, but your peace of mind as well.

External rolling shutters

High wind protection

  • Hurricane strength wind control and storm protection
  • Doesn’t compromise your home’s aesthetics
  • Extruded aluminum shutters have a unique end retention system that allows us to span larger windows and still meet hurricane building code standards.

Energy efficient design

  • Block the sun before it enters your External rolling shutters on a brick homehome
  • Keep homes and buildings cooler in the summer
  • Insulated slats allow shutters to provide insulation in the winter
  • Can be automated to reduce heat loss in winter and lower cooling costs in summer
  • Ideal for passive solar applications

Exterior rolling shutters for home security

Ideal for new construction or retrofit applications

  • Can be integrated into walls or soffits in new construction
  • Can be attached to pre-existing windows and doors
  • Especially suited for protecting large windows, walls, porches and patio doors

Innovative Openings offers complete measuring and installation service across the Colorado front range and mountain resort areas, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Vail, & Aspen.

Rolling Shutters are Available in 6 colors

Rolling shutter colors