Motorized draperies require a quality track system

With the touch of a switch, your draperies are drawn across windows effortlessly with the our motorized drapery system. Presentations are enhanced in conference rooms using remote control to adjust draperies to various lighting needs.

Create drama simply by drawing your motorized draperies

Motorized drapes home theater
Imagine draperies automatically opening at a preset time to expose a breathtaking view or block the sun. Draperies can also be interfaced with sophisticated lighting and audio-visual control systems. These drapery track systems will easily cover large glass areas, with a single unit covering areas up to 50 feet wide.

At home, these draperies can be programmed to automatically adjust to enhance security when away from home, or to darken rooms for home theater applications. Imagine installing this drapery track system in your bedroom, and opening and closing it with a remote control. The possibilities are endless.

Two motorized drapery track systems to choose from

At Innovative Openings, our motorized drapery track systems are available with a heavy-duty 110 volt AC motor with a direct drive belt system, or a 24 volt DC motor with a built-in radio receiver. Both systems can be configured for split or one-way draws, and can accommodate pinch pleat, ripple fold, and Accordia fold draperies.

110 Volt AC straight and curved drapery tracks

The Insolroll 110 V AC “Quiet” Motorized Drapery Track System features a heavy-duty direct drive belt system. The track system can be curved and built in widths of up to 40 feet.

Tracks can be curved to precise specifications, including single and multiple curves. Pinch pleat drapes can be curved up to a 14-inch radius. Accordia fold and ripple fold drapes can be curved up to a 20-inch radius. Templates are required for all curved tracks.
Drapery Track Hardware New

24 Volt DC drapery tracks

Innovative Openings offers a 24 V DC “Quiet” drapery track that features a smooth belt drive system and “Quiet” motor technology. The drapery track system is available with a standard motor or one with a built-in radio receiver.

The 24 V DC system is available for straight track applications only up to 24 feet wide. Note: Our 110 Volt AC Drapery Track System accommodates larger applications and curved tracks.

Motorized drapery track configurations

Straight drapery tracks
Straight tracks
curved drapery tracks
Curved tracks
Twin motor tracks diagram
Twin motor drapery tracks