Blackout Shades, Room-Darkening Shades & Audio-Visual Shades

For windows where blocking light and/or a fully opaque privacy level is needed.

Insolroll Blackout shadesBlackout Opacity Level for Light-blocking

Blackout fabrics do not allow light to pass through at all, and therefore are the definitive solution for spaces where light is not wanted, such as the bedrooms of daytime sleepers or media-viewing rooms and home theaters. While the fabric itself will not admit light, the edges and bottom of the shade will. For some applications, this is enough room-darkening, but for other applications requiring even more light-blocking, additional hardware and accessory options may be desired.

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Insolroll Blackout shadesBlackout Opacity Level for Privacy

A blackout opacity level serves a second purpose, in that not even shadows can be seen on the other side of the fabric. While translucent opacity fabrics provide direct visual privacy with zero view-through, they do allow light to pass through, making shadows visible on the other side of the fabric. For nighttime privacy without visible shadows, opaque blackout fabric is the answer.

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Window Shades with Blackout & Room-darkening Options

Innovative Openings offers a wide selection of room-darkening and blackout window treatments from Insolroll, Hunter Douglas, and more. Different products offer different levels of room-darkening and different aesthetics, so be sure to visit all of the product pages listed to determine what best meets your needs!

bedroom blackout shades partially lowered
Insolroll Blackout Shades
Hunter Douglas Vignette modern roman shades with drapery panels
Vignette Room-darkening
Duette Opal Duo
Duette Room-darkening
Silhouette Room Darkening Fabric
Silhouette Room-darkening
Duolite opaque vanes with blackout shade
Silhouette Duolite
Pirouette room darkening fabric
Pirouette Room-darkening
Luminette Room Darkening fabric
Luminette Room-darkening
Skyline gliding window panels with room darkening fabric
Skyline Room-darkening
Applause top-down bottom-up operator
Applause Room-darkening
Solera room-darkening shades
Solera Room-darkening
Sonnette room-darkening honeycomb roller shades
Sonnette Room-darkening