Oasis Patio Enclosure Shades Provide Weather Protection for Covered Patios

Patio shade solutions to enjoy the great outdoor for spring, summer, and fall.

Waterproof Oasis 2900 patio shades provide a weather tight enclosure to protect furniture

Imagine how you would furnish your covered patio if you did not have to worry about rain soaking your nice furniture and creating challenges for wood and fabrics. Innovative Openings offers Oasis 2900 Retractable Patio Shades in waterproof Dusk opaque fabric to keep the weather out and allow you to enjoy your patio rain or shine.

Dusk waterproof opaque fabric, is available in 4 fashionable colors for the exterior. Made of solution-dyed acrylic fiber with a PVC back coating, Dusk blackout/privacy fabric is completely waterproof and combines the elegance of an acrylic canvas-look fabric with the waterproof performance of PVC on the out-facing surface. Offering complete privacy, Dusk’s PVC Back coating features Blockout finishing for thermal and visual comfort, as well as maximal protection from the sunlight.

Oasis 2900 shades are motorized for consistent and convenient operation, and feature zipper-captured sides as well as bottom and top seal. Keep out insects as well as rain and breezes with shades that form a closed room when they are down, and an open-air patio when they are up.

Expand your living space by creating a comfortable indoor/outdoor room

Oasis 2900 Patio Enclosure Shades upscale patio

Creating a porch or patio area that feels like a room when the shades are down and feels like a patio when the shade are up is the ultimate way to bring the great outdoors into you living room. Operate at the touch of a switch, or your cell phone or even voice control with the appropriate accessories. Set “scenes” and schedules so you can enjoy your patio to its fullest, and even operate when you are away from home.

Oasis 2900 Patio Enclosure Shades for a more comfortable patio

Oasis 2900 Patio Enclosure Shades make your outdoor living space more comfortable in several ways, letting you enjoy the space for more of the year.

  • Help retain a patio’s heat, making a noticeable difference in the thermal comfort level of the patio in cooler weather*
  • Keep a patio cooler during hot weather
  • Control glare to make a patio more visually comfortable
  • Keep out insects that can cut patio time short
  • Choose zero-openness blackout or translucent fabric to provide protection from COVID-19 for patios near passers-by

*For patios with outdoor heaters, solar screen fabric is recommended for proper ventilation. Learn more.

Combine your enclosure shades with a retractable patio sun shade or insect screen for dual shade system providing the most comfortable patio you can imagine.

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