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Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Shades

Ultimate versatility in a fabric shading

Hunter Douglas Pirouette is a beautiful blend of soft and tailored, giving you many options for controlling the light and atmosphere in your room; Pirouette window shades provide perfect access to the beautiful Colorado views we specialize in at Innovative Openings.

Pirouette window shadings family room golden light

Pirouette Window Shades offer an inspired view and comforting privacy

With a revolutionary design that incorporates horizontal fabric vanes and sheer backing, Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window fashions control light in an entirely new way.  Pull the operating wand once and the fabric vanes expand to close the shade, providing privacy and diffused light.  Pull the wand a second time, and the vanes contract, providing a clear view of outside.

Pirouette vanes open

Make a room your special place...

Create a mood. Set a tone. Opacity choices give you the control with Pirouette Window Shadings.

Light filtering fabrics allow soft light to wash into a room when the vanes are closed.

Room darkening fabrics bring color and drama to a room while still allowing a view to the outside when vanes are open.

Whichever you choose, the view outside is just a touch away. Whether it's a signature Colorado vista, or your own back yard, Pirouette Shades provide the versatility to let you make the choice to suit the moments of your life.

Unique Pirouette vane style gives you beautiful control with fabric softness

The unique design of Pirouette's soft vanes gives this window treatment product a sophisticated look like no other, and the functionality puts you in charge of the light management in your room.

Pirouette vanes open
Vanes opened for view-through and more light

Pirouette vanes closed
Vanes closed for privacy and/or room darkening

Pirouette vanes open & closed showing view-through
Vanes shown open and closed; open vanes provide both view-through and structured texture.


Designer fabrics from Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Pirouette colors and fabrics
Room darkening Linen in Blue

Color, texture and ambience make your shades perfectly you.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shades are available in a group of distinct fabric styles, with textures and colors to satisfy any taste. From soft and inviting cotton, made of 80% recycled yarn, to the sophisticated sheen and texture of Shantung, Pirouette fabrics introduce new character into any room.

Choose from:

•  Linen-  A fine, smooth woven texture; for casual ambiance and filtered light    

•  Satin- Smooth texture with a gentle sheen fosters a luxurious, semi-formal feel in a room.

•  Satin Metallic- Satin texture with a silver, gold or copper overlay, creating a sumptuous shimmer. At home in a modern decorating scheme or as a subtle accent to complement any style.

•  Shantung- The look and feel of raw silk, with its characteristic striated appearance. The vertical aspect of the striae introduce a discreet counterpoint to the horizontal vanes, and bring both texture and a slight sheen to the window.

Alustra Charmeuse swatches

Alustra Valencia swatches

Linen swatches

satin swatches

satin metallic swatches

Shantung swatches

India silk swatches

Stria swatches


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 Operating your Pirouette Sheer Shades; Motorization and More

Hunter Douglas makes operating your Pirouette shades easy and convenient, with three options available for raising, lowering, and opening and closing the vanes of this innovative blind, providing a solution for whatever your needs.

• EasyRise™ continuous loop makes it easy to lift large shades

• UltraGlide® raises, lowers and tilts shadings with one retractable wand

• SoftTouch™ Motorization battery-powered system controlled by a wand with a single pull or push

• PowerView® Motorization System Control your Pirouette shades with a simple Pebble remote control, or use a Wi-Fi hub to control with your mobile device. Learn more.
EasyRise and UltraGlide are manual lift systems, and the PowerView Motorized System is available with handheld remote, wireless wall switch and Wi-fi hub for smartphone and tablet control.

Motorized Pirouette Window Shades

Pirouette shades are available with Hunter Douglas' new PowerView Motorization system, which offer two ways of controlling your shades.

  • Simple hand-held remote, the "Pebble"
  • Simple radio controlled wall or surface remote
  • Mobile device control via the PowerView Hub


Detailing Options

Fabric Vanes

Fabric Vanes are available in 4" and 5".

4" Vanes

5" Vanes


More options to Enhance your Pirouette® Window Shadings

Pirouette two on one headrail diagramThe Two on One Headrail option allows two shades to be mounted on the same headrail, but operated separately. This allows for even more control over the light in your room. Adjust one shading to block out more light, and another to provide more view, and meet your changing needs on any given day.



Product Information

Downloadable Installation, Operation, & Care documents from Hunter Douglas here.




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