QMI Stainless Steel Security Window Screens

QMI HomeSafe security window screens provide high-quality home security and storm protection ideal for high wind areas along the front range including Boulder, Denver, Golden, & Evergreen. Screens are custom made to fit any window or patio application.

QMI Security Window Screens allow ventilation and keep intruders out

Security Screens on casement windows

  • Clear visibility
  • Ventilation
  • Security agains break-ins or theft (and Colorado bears)
  • Stainless steel mesh screen integrated into a low profile screen frame that can be manufactured to fit any window type
  • Black screen is only slightly darker than normal insect screen, but offers excellent view through visibility
  • Screen material cannot be cut with a knife or razor, and cannot be penetrated with a hammer
  • Hardware designed to conceal mounting hardware

stainless steel mesh





Security screens protect against insects, flying debris, and golf balls

  • Stainless steel screen replaces insect screens
  • Tight enough to keep out mosquitos, flies and wasps
  • Tough enough to keep flying debris and golf balls from hitting windows
  • Screens so tough, they are even approved for hurricane protection!
  • Meets the large missile impact test for Category 5 hurricanes-the most stringent residential test available
  • Reduces glass breakage from flying debris
  • Replaces your everyday bug screens

Custom security window screens for all types of windows

Security screens

  • Casement windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Awning windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Fixed windows

QMI security screens come with black screening and are available in several frame colors to match any home or building exterior.


stainless steel security screens

Egress security screens allow ventilation for bedroom windows

  • Simple panic bar along one side provides easy emergency egress
  • Burglars and flying debris are kept safety outside
  • Hinged screens should be used on bedrooms and basement windows for safety
  • Continuous hinge on one side and panic bar on the other
  • Frames are only 3 3/4" wide x 2 13/16" deep
  • For aesthetic consistency, it is recommended to have all egress screens on the same elevation of the building
  • Egress security screens are an attractive solution for alley homes and urban residences/buildings on ground level


Protect against intruders and flying debris

Security screen effectiveness and protection

Strength and durability

  • Meets large missile impact test for Category 5 hurricanes- the most stringent residential test available
  • Reduces glass breakage from flying debris
  • Operable window screens available- provides both protection and ease of exit
  • Screen surface tension stops damaging winds, but allows light breezes and ventilation like an ordinary bug screen
  • Repels storms and protects from intruders at all times

Security window screens for businesses

store window security screen

Architectural design

  • Custom fit for any window application
  • Low profile mesh and frame
  • Mounted over existing trim or brick molding to blend with architecture
  • Fabricated to integrate with building design for maximum security and minimal visual impact
  • Specialty shape fabrication: arches, polygons, circles, triangles and most shapes rolling shutters cannot accommodate


Additional benefits for protecting merchandise

  • Shades up to 22% of sun without compromising exterior views
  • Reduces UV rays up to 60%, protecting merchandise and infrastructure

commercial security screen