Storefront Rolling Shutters

Protect windows and store contents when business is closed


Rolling Shutter Security for Storefronts Storefront protection for your business premises and contents

Theft prevention is critical for many business with high value inventory of popular consumer goods for stores selling cell phones, prescription drugs, electronics, jewelery, liquor, and expensive clothing.  Storefront rolling shutters roll down and lock at night to protect inventory and cash on hand.

  • Prevent break-ins
  • Deter vandals
  • Protect against extreme weather
  • Extruded aluminum shutters roll into a much tighter roll than traditional steel doors and grates
  • End-retention to make it virtually impossible for vandals and thieves to gain access

Design & operation

  • Smallest roll up coils available
  • Motorized or manual operation
    • Wall switch or remote control for motorized operation
    • 3 manual operation options
  • 3 box housing styles in 5 sizes: 6", 7", 8", 10" and 12"
  • 7 color options


Security shutters box housing styles

Rolling security shutters wall switch motorized
Wall switch motorized shutter control

Somfy handheld remote


Manual rolling shutter push pull operation
Manual push up, pull down operation

Security shutter color options

Shutter curtain slat design options

Two shutter curtain styles

Slat perforation pattern
One of 3 perforation patterns

  • Punched, or perforated shutter curtain styles allow after hours viewing of merchandise
  • Solid shutter curtain styles conceal the store and its contents

Qompact Rolling Shutters: "The world's smallest shutterbox"

Qompact tightly stacked roll

12 different slat sizes engineered to allow for virtually zero space between slats, resulting in a very compact roll and the smallest box housing required.

Qompact box sizes

  • 12 Slat sizes engineered to roll with virtually no space between them
  • Use the smallest box housing
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Durable, long lasting performance
  • Hurricane rated
  • Widths up to 19'-6"
  • Curtain hinge strength exceeding 2600 pounds

Qompact Slat Sizes