QMI Counter Shutters provide security for pass through window openings

Security counter shutters prevent theft for cafeterias, retailers, pharmacies, schools and all types of service windows.

locking shutters for merchandise
Punched, or perforated shutter curtain
  • Attractive roll-down security for commercial and retail theft prevention
  • Custom sized to fit any counter opening or display case
  • Punched pattern aluminum shutter curtain available to allow customers to see the merchandise even when you are closed and the shutter is deployed
  • Solid shutter curtain for applications requiring privacy as well as security
  • Locks provided to protect any merchandise from theft and vandalism
  • Easy to operate, with a motor, hand crank, or push/pull spring


Counter rolling shutters for pool barsRolling counter shutters enclose pool bars and concession stands when they close

  • QMI Counter Shutters designed for both interior and exterior applications
  • Designed for both new construction or design projects or retrofitted to existing openings
  • Outdoor counter shutters roll down to keep the wind and rain out when not in use
  • Lock the shutters up at night for theft prevention, and keep the bar set up for the next day
  • Can be installed with hurricane-rated aluminum slats and end-retention system for the harshest climates
Bar enclosure with security shutters

Enclose the whole room or patio with rolling security shutters to match the counter shutters

For a coordinated look, install matching counter shutters and security shutters to protect your property.