Insolroll Motorized Shades With Solar Screen and Blackout Fabrics

Insolroll® Motorized Solar Screen and Blackout Shades are the perfect window covering solutions for large windows in fine residences and commercial buildings alike. The ultimate in convenience and efficiency, motorized shades can offer control you never dreamed of, for ease and functionality that elevate daily living to an art.

Motorized shades in living room with mountain view

Motorized shades for convenience, efficiency and lifestyle

Motorization is ideal for applications with difficult access or a large number of shades. Switching shades can be as easy as a wall switch or hand-held transmitter. New WiFi Shade control App allows shades to be automated and controlled in scenes.

Motorized shades for home automation

Innovations in tubular motors combined with our “Open Architecture” control approach to home automation integration ensure that all of the window treatments on the project can be operated by our stand alone shade control systems and most 3rd party home automation and lighting controls.

Tubular shade motor
Tubular shade motor

Our Insolroll® Motorized Shades use a tubular motor that mounts inside the roller tube. Our tubular motors can be powered by 110 V AC, 24 DC, or 12 V Battery.

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Insolroll motorized shade technology

There has been a wide range of advancements in motor technology over the past five years that has allowed us to meet and exceed almost every request we have had for controlling motorized blackout shades and  solar screen shades.

Motorized solar shades cafeteria

Motors for every application

  • New construction
  • Retrofits or add-ons after construction is completed
  • Doors or locations where wiring can't be added
  • Building management and home automation
  • Large window applications
  • Narrow window applications

Motor types and features

  • Quiet motors standard!
  • UltraQuiet motors- virtually silent
  • 110 V and low voltage motors
  • Intelligent motors
  • Radio Motors
  • Battery motors

Motor models

  • 110 V AC Motor  - 4 wire AC directional motor with 50-year track record
  • 110 V AC Radio Motor - 3 wire RADIO motor eliminates switch legs
  • 110 V AC "Quiet" Motor- 4 wire, with 44 db rating
  • 110 V AC "Quiet" Radio Motor- 3 wire; eliminates switch legs
  • 110 V AC "Quiet" Intelligent Motor- linked by bus line communications
  • 24 V DC Motor- 2 wire DC directional motor
  • 24 V DC "Quiet" Radio Motor- 2 wire; ideal for retrofits
  • 24 V DC "Quiet" Intelligent Motor- works with competitive system prewires
  • 12 V DC Radio Battery Motor- built-in RADIO receiver

Control shades from mobile devises

Control for Motorized Shades- from the simple to the sublime

The control options for motorized shades today are numerous, from very simple single remote controls to sophisticated home automation systems that integrate shade operation with lighting, sound, climate, appliances, media, security and more.

  • Handheld remote controls
  • Wall switches
  • Smartphone and tablet control
  • 3rd Party home automation systems

Innovative Openings motorization experts bring years of shade control experience to the table, and will help you achieve the level of sophistication and convenience you are looking for.

Quiet motor technology

quiet motors baby asleep
Quiet motors are made for where you need to keep noise levels low!

Quiet motors are not just a luxury. Depending on your particular needs, environment and preferences, quiet motorized shades can be a requirement.

  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Medical offices
  • Anywhere you'd like to keep noise levels low

How quiet is the motor?

Standard motors operate at 52 decibels, or around the mid-range of normal conversation. Our quiet motors operate at 44 decibels, which is a little softer than a very quiet refrigerator, and just barely louder than gentle raindrops. For comparison, the sound of a baby crying is about 80 decibels.


UL listed shade systems

UL Award Medallion- WCMA award

Insolroll motorized shade systems provide the highest documentable home and commercial shock and fire hazard safety. Insolroll UL Listed motorized shades have earned the designation of "UL Listed". This designation applies to the complete shading system, not just some of the components, and is unique in the window treatments industry. These products were awarded the WCMA 2014 "Green" Products- Health & Environmental Safety Award.

  • Have met the Underwriters Laboratories most rigorous safety requirements for "Listed" designation. Not simply UL "Recognized" components, these systems provide the highest level of peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike.
  • Can positively affect risk assessment and insurance costs.
  • Shades bear the UL Listed label for electrical inspectors to see, and optimizes the inspection process
  • Facilitates meeting local code requirements
  • Facilitates meeting the requirements of multiples Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Motorized blackout shades: Room darkening with the ultimate convenience

Blackout Shade for room darkening and privacy

  • Raise or lower blackout shades without leaving your bed!
  • Press a button and turn your family room into a home theater.
  • Select a pre-programmed "scene" such as "Bedtime" or "Movie Time" with your smartphone or tablet
  • Have your motorized blackout shades act in concert with your lights, sound system and more via a 3rd party home automation system.
    • Execute a pre-programmed group of settings set to a timer, reacting to temperature, or time of day or year.

All of these are possible through the array of control options available today, and Innovative Openings motorization experts are ready to consult with you on your control needs and desires.