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Residential Solar Shades

When it is bright and sunny, sunglasses reduce glare and make it easier to see. Solar shades work the same way when looking out windows. Solar shades control glare, heat and UV rays while balancing natural light, privacy and mountain views, making them the best choice for large commercial and residential windows.

Solar shades provide excellent glare control without blocking the view

Solar shades made with a solar screen woven mesh fabric, allow natural filtered light into a room while controlling glare. A densely woven solar screen shade (3%-5% openness) reduces unwanted glare while providing a view-through connection to the outdoors.

  • Darker solar shades provide the best combination of glare control and view for most windows.
  • Lighter solar shades provide better heat reduction, but may require a tighter weave to provide effective glare protection.

Understanding window size, orientation, room use and glare control needs of specific rooms may lead to different solar shade color and density solutions. Office windows with computer glare require a different answer than a bright and sunny common space. Innovative Openings has the experience to recommend the perfect glare control solar shade solution for all commercial and residential applications.

High Performance Solar Shades block heat and glare, but still provide excellent view-through

Insolroll high performance SilverScreen solar shadesSilverScreen Solar Shades are backed with a thin aluminized coating to reflect more heat regardless of shade color. We call this the Silver Sweet Spot, eliminating the compromise of heat reduction, glare control and vision control. SilverScreen Solar Shades do it all.

We also offer solar shades with E-Screen fabric featuring KoolBlack technology. These high performance shades have a dark appearance from the outside and excellent view-through characteristics. The key is in the coating incorporated into the solar screen fabric that provides superior reflectivity to any comparable dark colored solar screen fabrics.

Manual and Motorized Solar Shades Options

We manufacture our own brand, Insolroll Solar Screen Shades, allowing us to control quality and provide shorter lead times. Insolroll shades feature UL Listed 110 V AC and 24 V DC Somfy motor systems. Our manual shades are available with cordless spring, twin pull, or bead chain/clutch operation.