Commercial Window Treatments for Colorado

Innovative Openings has been providing commercial window treatments since 1980, with the infrastructure and personnel to meet the design, installation and project management needs of large and small businesses across the spectrum of industries.

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Manufactured in Colorado
  • Office and conference room window treatments
  • Health care and hospital window treatments
  • School and university window treatments
  • Restaurant window treatments
  • Retail store window treatments
  • Hotel and hospitality window treatments

Major Solar Shade Manufacturer


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Innovative Openings began manufacturing solar screen shades in 1983, having identified the significant energy impact and positive commercial environmental effects of this innovative class of window covering. In response to the shortcomings of the available product, Rick Pease and Dave Friedlander founded Insolroll Window Shading Systems with a mission to build high quality solar shading systems with the best available fabrics, and standard features and options that immediately set the Insolroll product apart in the industry.

35 years later, Insolroll is an award-winning, nationally known manufacturer, with a network of installing dealers across North America. Innovative Openings was the first of these dealers, and set the bar in Colorado for commercial solar shades.

Whole Foods grocery store solar shades white

Insolroll Commercial Shading Systems

  • Solar Shades– Block the sun, not the view– control glare, heat and damaging UV rays, while maintaining a connection to the outside world
  • Blackout Shades– for audio-visual applications, room-darkening and establishing privacy
  • Dual Shades– 2 shades in a single window treatment combine solar shades and blackout shades or sheer shades and blackout shades
  • Translucent Shades– light filtering shades with required commercial properties, for applications where privacy is needed but light flow is desired, and/or where the view is not an asset
  • Patio Shades and Retractable Insect Screens– Exterior grade solar or translucent shades for outdoor areas so popular in restaurants, and increasingly part of the design plan for new construction in multiple industries

Large upscale conference room motorized solar shades

Motorization and Control for all Commercial Needs

  • Smaller applications with simple controls that meet the needs of the specific location
  • Large, corporate applications with hundreds of windows, and building automation controls that address all of the needs of a large site: energy management and optimization, individual control space control, occupant comfort, sensor and timer control, etc.
  • Large building and development projects where individual control is desired, such as Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), multiple-retail locations, hotels, schools, hospitals and more.
  • The only shade manufacturer to offer UL-Listed complete shading systems

Innovative Openings Has the Experience to Complete Projects Across Many Industries


local dental office exam room solar shades black fascia

Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Solar shades, privacy/room darkening shades for exam and patient rooms, translucent shades for privacy and daylighting
  • Fabrics that meet necessary health care standards
  • Sentry Translucent fabric with Ultra-Fresh™ Antimicrobial kills MRSA and more on contact
  • Safety standards- child safety, Fire Retardant, Anti-Microbial
  • Control scenarios for single rooms, shared spaces, building level control


solar shades in library for glare control

Schools & Universities

  • Glare control for classrooms and common areas
  • Audio-Visual blackout shades
  • Safety standards- child safety, fire retardant
  • Durable and cleanable
  • Visual connection to outside environment


conference room dual solar blackout shades

Offices & Conference Rooms

  • Work setting glare control
  • Audio-visual blackout and dual shades with solar screens
  • Control scenarios for individual offices, zone control, and whole building integration
  • High performance solar shades to optimize energy usage


Dual shade system for hotel

Hotels & Hospitality Industry

  • Guest room dual shades for privacy and light filtering
  • Commercial fire-rated sheer fabrics for dual shades or layered treatments
  • Window treatments for common areas and their functions
  • Ballroom and meeting room window treatments and audio-visual shades
  • Control scenarios for guests and management


Jax Fish House restaurant solar shades


  • Make customers comfortable
  • Durable, attractive window treatments
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Maintain view and connection to outside
  • Custom printing on shades available


REI store merchandise solar shades

Retail Locations

  • Glare control for patrons and service people
  • Ambience and light control for the perfect setting
  • Protect merchandise for UV rays
  • Printed shades provide additional signage
  • Control Scenarios for single shades or groups of shades

Commercial Outdoor Shading Specialists

Retractable awnings provide on-demand sun protection and comfort for a variety of businesses, including restaurants, event venues, micro-breweries, hotels and more. Outdoor living space has become a huge part of new building and renovation design, and Innovative Openings provides solutions for outdoor areas with and without structures.

Restaurant insect protection

Oasis® Commercial Solar Patio Shades and Retractable Insect Screens

A practical, effective, and attractive solution for the edges of pergolas, decks, and other outdoor structures

Insolroll Oasis® Patio Shades

Oasis patio shades provide additional protection from glare, heat, UV rays and even golf balls for commercial outdoor areas. They can be used in conjunction with overhead pergola awnings.

Oasis® 2900 Retractable Insect Screens

Oasis 2900 seals out insects where a covered patio structure exists, with zipper-captured sides and top and bottom seals.


durasol pinnacle awning over pergola

Commercial Retractable Awnings

Pergola Awnings

Pergolas, verandas and other types of patio structures can be covered by motorized, retractable awnings, for shade when needed and open-air when the sun is not an issue.

Lateral Arm Awnings

For outdoor patio areas without overhead structure (adjacent to a building), retractable lateral arm awning provide an easy solution that doesn't require additional construction. Available up to 30' wide and with a 13' 6" projection, we offer motorized and manual options with a wide array of fabrics in fresh stripes and solids.

Commercial Exterior Rolling Shutters


Store with Rolling Security Shutters

Security shutters, counter shutters, hurricane shutters, storm shutters, even affectionately called "zombie shutters",  exterior rolling shutters offer unparalleled window and door security for an array of commercial applications. Innovative Openings expertly measures, details and installs exterior rolling shutters on:

  • Retail store windows and doors for after-hours security
  • Service windows and ticket windows for after-hours security and a visual indication of being "closed"
  • Openings in multiple-business environments