Solar Shades Provide Total Light control

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Innovative Openings specializes in solar screen roller shades, decorative roller shades, and blackout roller shades

Insolroll solar screen shades dining room view

Our product offering begins with our own solar shade brands, Insolroll® Solar Screen Roller Shades and Oasis® Patio Shades.  We also offer Hunter Douglas to ensure we have the perfect solution and latest technology for every application.

Screen roller shades in large room with mountain views.

We Manufacture Insolroll Solar Screen Roller Shades

Insolroll is our manufacturing division which manufactures all types of roller shades in Louisville, Colorado.  We provide fast lead-times and total quality control in our own factory ,supporting the local economy and hiring local workers. Insolroll is a nationally known, high quality brand, sold throughout North America.  Visit our Insolroll site.

Solar Screen Shades block the sun, not the view!

Insolroll Solar Screen Shades have been developed for sunny climates like Colorado with bright sun and glare multiplied with the snow. Live and work comfortably while maintaining a connection to the outside world.

Solar screen fabrics vary in density and visual transmittance to provide the perfect amount of UV and glare protection for every application.  Utilizing high performance fabrics like SilverScreen provide the best glare protection while saving energy regardless of the fabric color.