Insolroll Elements Decorative Shades

Elements Shade Tahoe Home Office
Tahoe Semi Sheer Fabric in Cotton with Paramount Valance

Insolroll Elements Decorative Shades

You don't have to choose between personalized function and fabric choices that make your heart sing! Beautiful alone or when paired with drapery treatments, Insolroll Elements® roller shades can set a tone or create a mood in any room.

  • Functional and versatile
  • Easygoing clean lines
  • Range of light and privacy levels
  • Fine finishing details


Light & privacy levels

The Insolroll Elements Collection offers 5 different opacity levels:

  • Sheer
  • Semi-sheer
  • Solar
  • Translucent
  • Blackout

This range provides fabrics with different looks and functions for different kinds of spaces.

Though we refer to "opacity" levels, this quality really means two things: how much light passes through the fabric, and how visible are objects on the other side of the fabric. Each level and individual fabric offers different light and privacy characteristics, so consider both qualities when selecting a fabric.

Hardware and accessory options to perfectly customize your shades

Covering the roller

fabric insert paramount valance
Matching Fabric Insert.

Paramount Valance

Champagne metal finish with matching fabric insert options or matching fabric insert. Can be inside mounted, outside wall mounted or outside ceiling mounted for a variety of applications.



Insolroll Elements fabric wrapped cassette
Wrapped in Sylvan Black

Fabric Wrapped Cassette

3" and 4" sizes, with matching fabric wrap on the front face of the cassette


Fascia with side tracks clear anodized
Fascia in clear anodized- shown with audio-visual side tracks

4" Fascia

A sleek, clean lined design, in white, black, vanilla , bronze and clear anodized (silver).

Manual or motorized shade operation- match your lifestyle!

insolroll solar shade operators

  • Manual Clutch and bead chain operation with Insolroll's exclusive, child-safe Metal Select chain guide.
  • Cordless manual operation with Insolroll Quiet Spring Roller operator. Simply push shade up or pull shade down, and easily position shade where you want it.
  • Motorized operation for the ultimate in convenience; improve your home's energy performance and coordinate with lighting and climate systems. A variety of motor types provide the versatility for every application, and control options from simple to sublime that truly customize your shades to your lifestyle.
    • Battery motors which don't require hard wiring
    • 110 V AC and 24 V DC Motor options
    • "UltraQuiet" Motors- virtually silent
    • Intelligent motors for home automation and building management systems

Control options for convenience, safety and more

Lady controls shades with iPad

Shade control has become efficient, varied and customizable in recent years.

  • Simple wall switch or handheld remote control, of a single shade or multiple shades
  • Tablet and smartphone control apps; tap or swipe to control your window treatments by time of day, on-demand, remotely, or as part of "scenes" you create for daily routines, special events or just plain fun!
  • Home automation integration with lighting, climate, and other home systems. Let us show you the possibilities!

Wireless radio wall switch- single channel

handheld remote control for motorized shades
Handheld remote control for motorized shade

5 Elements Fabric Groups

Insolroll Elements Arcadia sheer fabric on exposed roller

  • Sheer Fabric Group: Filters light and allows view through. During the day, privacy is enhanced, but the exterior can still be seen through the shaded window.
  • Semi-sheer Fabric Group: Offers a range of light filtering combined with partial view-through. Every fabric in this group has its own unique combination of light and privacy levels.
  • Solar Screen Fabric Group: Like all solar screens, all of the decorative colors and patterns in this group feature technical glare control properties and fabric openness to control the sun's heat and glare while preserving your view. These are hard working fabrics, but boast beautiful weaves and textures- nothing utilitarian-looking here!
  • Translucent Fabric Group: This group of fabrics provides light filtering while blocking any view-through. Different colors create different light casting in a room, which can subtly enhance or dramatically change the environment. Shadow play can be seen on the fabric, but there is no actual view-through.
  • Blackout Fabric Group: Opaque fabrics, meaning they don't allow light to pass through, and there is no view-through. Blackout fabrics are perfect for rooms where glare may interfere with television or computer screen viewing, or where room darkening is needed.