Radio Controls for Motorized Window Treatments and Patio Shading Solutions

Innovative Openings offers a full range of radio remote controls, radio wall switches, and automatic radio controls.

1 channel radio transmitter
5 channel radio transmitter
1 channel water-proof radio receiver
5 channel water-proof radio receiver

Wall mount transmitter options

The in-wall wireless switches are available in white, ivory, and black. Two-, Three-, and Four- channel switches are available. Clear button labels or engraved buttons simplify the switch operation. 1 channel surface mount switch is also available (white only).

1 channel wireless radio wall switch
5 channel wireless radio wall switch

Automatic radio control options

24 hour / 7 day radio timer
Radio indoor sun controller
Radio outdoor sun controller

Radio remote control receiver

The Universal radio receiver is ideal for applications where line of site required for IR remote control is difficult. Radio remote control is convenient and simplifies wiring by eliminating switch legs. Universal remote receiver is used with 110 V STD-AC and IQM-AC motor instead of using radio motors. These motors are narrower and used on windows too narrow for radio motors.

Universal Radio Receiver

Wireless radio control interface for home automation

Click here for more information on home automation interface options