Innovative Openings Repair Service Policy

Effective 9/1/18

Non-Warranty Repairs

  • Innovative Openings is unable to repair any products not originally sold by Innovative Openings.
  • Manufacturers often update their shades and control mechanisms and our parts stock is limited to what is currently offered by those manufacturers.
  • Discontinued or updated products may not be repairable.
  • We have restringing kits available for purchase if we are unable to repair a shade.

Manufacturer Warranty Repairs

  • Innovative Openings will handle warranty repairs on products that we sold.
  • Manufacturer warranties usually cover parts but not labor, packing or shipping costs (if applicable).
  • Warranty repairs require proof of purchase showing original purchaser.
  • Repairs beyond manufacturer warranty will be subject to both parts and labor costs.
  • We are unable to perform any warranty repairs on products not purchased from Innovative Openings.

Child Safety Standards

  • All Innovative Openings’ repairs will be subject to current Child Safety Standards*. All repaired window coverings will be brought into compliance with current Child Safety Standards. There may be additional costs involved to achieve compliance.
  • Some repairs will not be performed if we can’t bring the shade into compliance with child safety standards.
  • For more information on current Child Safety Standards, please visit:

Cleaning and Care

  • Innovative Openings does not clean window coverings. We may be able to give you cleaning and care instructions from the manufacturer of your shades, or provide contact information to the manufacturer who may have cleaning services available.

*AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD FOR SAFETY OF CORDED WINDOW COVERING PRODUCTS – ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012. A new revised standard will go into effect Dec. 15, 2018.