Outdoor Privacy Screen Shades for Patios, Porches, and More

Oasis® Shore Exterior Privacy Shades bring new comfort and control to outdoor rooms. Enhance outdoor media viewing, dining, and living with retractable patio shades for on-demand privacy and room-darkening.

Exterior privacy shades block view-through entirely while allowing filtered light to enter the space. Available in 4 colors that provide varying levels of room darkening:

  • Linen Tweed: diffused and filtered light
  • Raw: diffused and filtered light
  • Charcoal Tweed: Muted, lower light
  • Cadet Grey: Muted, lower light

Darker Colors

  • Outdoor media and TV rooms- improve daytime picture quality of any type of screen with excellent glare control
  • Significantly block light on the outside- don’t bother people inside nearby windows with light from the TV screen at night
  • Increased viewing comfort- Make your viewing space more comfortable with less glare and less heat
Outdoor privacy screen shades by Insolroll for patios, porches, pergolas, decks, balconies and other outdoor living spaces

Lighter colors:

  • Diffused and filtered natural light- block view but decrease the need for additional outdoor lighting

All colors:

  • Enhance weather protection- Exterior grade Shore Fabric provides additional protection from rain showers for media equipment and viewers
  • Provide privacy- zero view-through means neighbors passing by won’t be seen, and occupants or media inside are not in view
  • Visual and thermal comfort- Make your viewing space more comfortable with less glare and less heat
  • Block 100% of UV radiation- protect eyesight, prevent skin cancer, and eliminate fading and degradation of outdoor furnishings and finishes
  • Block airborne golf balls- for homes and businesses bordering golf courses

You can choose Shore Exterior Privacy Fabric on Oasis models 2700, 2800, and 2900.

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