Oasis 2800 Large Motorized or Manual Patio Shades

We have manufactured our own nationally known brand of patio shades for 35 years!

Innovative Openings is the manufacturer of Oasis Solar Screen Patio Shades, and we’ve thought of every detail when it comes to detailing your shades to suit both your needs and your home’s design. From our wide selection of fabrics and colors, to our exterior grade hardware and fabric edge stabilizing systems, we really can build you the perfect shade.

We understand every installation detail perfectly, whether you have stone columns, wood posts, or an overhead pergola. Your Oasis shades will complement your home’s appearance, inside and outside the patio!

Oasis patio shades block the sun, not the view!

Our roll-up patio solar screens dramatically extend the hours of quality time you use your patio or deck

Oasis 2800 solar patio shade

  • Reduce glare, heat and UV rays
  • Make patios and decks more comfortable in the morning or afternoon hours when the sun angle is low and lighting is uncomfortable
  • Shade on-demand! Lower when you need it, retract it when you don't!
  • Quality features that make our patio shades stand out
    • Welded fabric edges prevent fraying
    • Sizes up to 16 feet wide
    • 5" aluminum headbox in 3 colors
    • "Built-in" option
  • Broad choice of fabrics to offer maximum outward view-through and heat control while providing daytime privacy
  • Patio shade fabric selection


Castle Pines Oasis 2800 Patio shade

Golf ball protection

Solar screen fabrics are strong and durable, which allows them to spread out and dissipate the force of a golf ball striking them. For those living along golf courses, this can be of major concern! With patio shades down, you can feel free to enjoy your patio even while the adjacent golf course is seeing heavy use. Works the same way on a disc golf course, protecting you from flying frisbees. Take back your patio!

Solar screen patio shades enhance privacy

Oasis 2800 Patio shade adds privacy

Patio solar screens also offer privacy from neighbors or passers by, which is ideal if you live in a subdivision, and protection from errant golf balls if you live on a golf course.

  • Broad choice of fabrics to offer maximum outward view-through and heat control while providing daytime privacy
  • Light colored fabrics provide the greatest privacy from the outside
  • Very dense fabric options (1% openness) for homeowners desiring privacy for pools and hot tubs.

Oasis 2800 patio shade illustration of features

Hardware and detailing choices

  • Choice of side track or cable guide system to provide stability in breezy conditions
  • Fully enclosed aluminum head box for greater fabric protection when retracted, in 3 colors
  • Manual hand crank or motorized operation
  • Exposed bracket option for "built-in" applications up to 19' wide

High tech solar fabrics provide multiple levels of protection

Solar screen fabrics are technical fabrics, with very precisely controlled characteristics that provide sun control. The fabric openness and color determine each fabric's specific heat, glare and view-through characteristics, and all exterior solar fabrics are constructed of materials designed to hold up to the elements, so your shade stays beautiful for years to come.

solar screen fabrics

  • Light colors can match the trim colors of your house, and provide better privacy
  • Dark colors provide the best glare control and view-through.

See the Oasis 2800 solar screen fabric collection