Pinnacle Structure Awnings Provides Shade for Patio Structures

Motorized Pinnacle Structure Awnings are ideal for pergola and trellis shading

Pinnacle One patio awnings
Pinnacle One structure awning with legs

Pinnacle awnings are available in 2 styles to meet shading needs of every deck or patio

  • Pinnacle One (with legs to create its own structure)
  • Pinnacle Two (over existing structure) to meet shading needs of every deck or patio.


Pinnacle structure awning
Pinnacle Two awning over existing pergola structure

Durasol Pinnacle Structure Awnings roll out on a track system for stability.

Constant tension Pinnacle awnings roll with the front bar attached to tracks for stability. The front bar of the awning contains strong springs which keep the awning under tension as it extends. This keeps the fabric taut and the awning looking great.

Pinnacle One awning with structure on deck patio

Pinnacle One Patio Awnings create their own structure

The Pinnacle One Awning combines the advantages of a retractable awning with a fixed awning structure.

  • Constant tension awning, remains taut and covers a 16' wide x 16' projection in a single unit.
  • Includes a leg and track system to create a free-standing aluminum structure with a retractable awning cover.

Pinnacle structure awning over pergola

Pinnacle Two awnings for existing structures

Designed for:

  • Pergolas
  • Trellises
  • Sunroom structures

Pinnacle awnings are motorized with constant tension system allows awnings to extend on any roof pitch. The tension system keeps the fabric taut. These awnings retract into a cassette enclosure to provide total protection from the elements when not in use.

Patio awning sizing and engineering

  • Up to 16' wide x 16' projection in a single unit
  • Up to 3 units can be combined to provide a 48' wide x 16' projection retractable shade structure.
  • Multiple awning units can be combined to cover larger areas.
  • Mounting brackets are engineered for versatility to fit any existing structure or over-sized skylight area

Durable acrylic awning fabric

Innovative Openings offers a wide range of acrylic awning fabrics to enhance any patio.  We have a large selection of solids and stripes from the finest awning fabric mills in the world: Sunbrella, Dickson, and Satler.

Durasol Pinnacle One structure awning yellow

Pinnacle One Patio Awnings are the best choice for breezy areas

Combining a structure with a constant tension awning provides more security when a sudden wind gust comes up.  When a thunderstorm moves in, the awning is retracted for total protection.