Oasis 2900 Exterior Window Shades

Blocking the sun from the outside is the most effective way to block heat gain coming through windows and doors.

Exterior window shading comes from a European tradition.

Europeans have been shading windows from the outside for over 50 years.  Innovative Openings has specialized in unique European-style shading systems since 1980. Our Insolroll manufacturing division has been making exterior solar screen shades in Colorado since 1986.

Oasis 2700 exterior solar screen window shade

Oasis 2900 Exterior window shades block the sun, not the view!

  • Block glare
  • Allows excellent view-through
  • Block the sun's heat before it enters the window and warms the glass; the most effective way to reduce heat gain
  • Zipper captured system keeps bugs OUT
  • Wide range of solar screen fabrics
  • Retractable: motorized Exterior Window Shades roll down when you need sun protection and roll up at the touch of a switch when you don't.

An added bonus: mounting shades on the exterior of a home provides sun protection without covering the window trim inside the house.


How exterior solar screen window shades work

How solar screen work

Insolroll Exterior Window Shades block the sun's heat before it enters the window.

Instead of entering the room, the bulk of the heat is

  • Abosorbed by the solar screen fabric
  • Dissipated by the fabric
  • Reflected by the fabric

Thus, Insolroll Shades reduce heat gain significantly and lower energy costs.



exterior window sun shades

Block the heat before it enters the window

  • Exterior solar screen window shades block heat, glare and harmful UV rays before they enter your home or business
  • Exterior window shades are approximately twice as efficient at saving energy as the most efficient interior window treatment solutions.